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Yoga Quotes Famous Yoga quotes by Yogi Himanshu joshi Learn to live in the present moment, life exist in it, when you are fully present to the moment, you experience true beauty of life, to make yourself more trained into the present moment- practice yoga practices every day. Himanshu Joshi Yoga asana purifies every single part of the gross & subtle bodies- make it part of your daily lifestyle to live everyday healthy and peacefully. Himanshu Joshi Mantra chanting is a process of purifying the soul “Universal consciousness) within you, it grows the seed of love and compassion which we lose as we grow older. Himanshu Joshi Pranayama practices is a process to clean or purify all the subtle energy channels within you to keep you glowing with the prana
Homemade Yogic Breakfast
  If you’re a practicing yogi, or even if you just like to do a few asanas in the morning, there’s no doubt that breakfast is hugely important. Breakfast is the first meal of the day, during which we prime our metabolism and introduce healthy foods (hopefully!) into our body after an extended period of eating nothing. This article will describe some of the best ideas for developing a healthy yoga breakfast. Yogic Healthy Breakfast The most basic tip from Ayurveda would be to eat for your dosha, or your particular body type. Here are a few basic tips that you could integrate into your breakfast plan. Vata. The vata dosha is light and airy, and finds balance by eating warming, heavy foods such as ghee, cinnamon, and hot cereal. Kapha. The kapha dosha is heavy
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hatha yoga infographic
An ancient style of yoga originating back a over thousand years, ‘Hatha Yoga’ can be interpreted as “union of the opposites through a force.” This  power-packed and transformational practice trains the mind and body on postures (asanas), gestures (mudras), breath (pranayama), locks (bandhas), cleansing process (Shat kriyas)  and meditation sounds (nadausandhana), and magnifies the physiological roles of our body while preparing it to attain a steady mind and realize our divine end. ‘Hatha’ is a  term originating from the break-up of the Sanskrit “Ha” and “Tha” that represent the ‘Sun’ and ‘Moon’ correspondingly.  Hatha Yoga can be referred to the science that balances the solar-lunar and the opposite pair  that is present  within ourselves.  Establishing this balance creates greater intimate relationship with the Self.  As per the consecrated transcripts of
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human anatomy introduction himalayan yoga association
Introduction Human anatomy is the scientific study of the body’s structures. Some of these structures are very small and can only be observed and analyzed with the assistance of a microscope. Other larger structures can readily be seen, manipulated, measured, and weighed. The word “anatomy” comes from a Greek root that means “to cut apart.” In order to observe structures in living people, a number of imaging techniques have been developed. These techniques allow clinicians to visualize structures inside the living body such as a cancerous tumor or a fractured bone. Like most scientific disciplines, anatomy has areas of specialization. Gross anatomy is the study of the larger structures of the body, those visible without the aid of magnification. Macro- means “large,” thus, gross anatomy is also referred to as
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The pranamaya kosha (five+prana+vayus) is made up of five major pranas which are collectively known as the pancha, or five, pranas: prana, apana, samana, udana and vyana. pranamaya kosha, governing the area between the larynx and the top of the diaphragm. It is associated with the organs of respiration and speech, and the gullet, together with the muscles and nerves that activate them. It is the force by which the breath is drawn inside. Apana is located below the navel region and provides energy for the large intestine, kidneys, anus and genitals. It is concerned with the expulsion of waste from the body.  Samana is located between the heart and the navel. It activates and controls the digestive system: the liver, intestines, pancreas and stomach, and their secretions. Samana also
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Poorna Titali Asana (full butterfly)
Sit in the base position. Bend the knees and bring the soles of the feet together, keeping the heels as close to the body as possible. Fully relax the inner thigh muscles. Clasp the feet with both hands. Gently bounce the knees up and down, using the elbows as levers to press the legs down. Try to touch the knees to the ground on the downward stroke. Do not use any force. Practise 30 to 50 up and down movements. Keep the soles of the feet together. Place the hands on the knees. Using the palms, gently push the knees down towards the floor, allowing them to spring up again. 35 Do not force this movement. Repeat 20 to 30 times. Straighten the legs and relax. Breathing: Normal breathing, unrelated
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Benefits of Goolf Ghoornan
Remain in the base position. Bend the right knee and bring the foot towards the buttock. Turn the knee out to the side and place the foot on the left thigh. Make sure the ankle is far enough over the thigh to be free for rotation. Hold the right ankle with the right hand to support the ankle. Hold the toes of the right foot with the left hand. With the aid of the left hand, slowly rotate the right foot 10 times clockwise, then 10 times anti-clockwise. Repeat with the left foot placed on the right thigh. Breathing: Inhale on the upward movement. Exhale on the downward movement. Awareness: On the breath, mental counting and rotation. Benefits: All the foot and calf asanas help in returning the stagnant lymph
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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Are you anxious and worried about the new, sudden, emerging threat that is the most underlying concern these days – the outbreak of Covid-19? Don’t get let down by it . You can counter the issue with proper precautions and the correct knowledge of the ailment including its signs and symptoms and other details. Read on to find more : Corononavirus ( CoV) is a fatal group of disease causing viruses that may range from common cold to other more severe forms like Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV). for latest news and updates related to coronavirus LIVE Coronavirus Effect and deaths in the world Coronavirus Updates INDIA Lates Updates Twitter #coronavirus | Google Coronavirus News   Virus from animals The
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Benefits of Yoga in Weight Loss and Flat Stomach
Yoga is a practice that supports not only physical but mental as well as spiritual development while allowing to bring out the best in you. Thus it is a way of life and the medium to connect with the inner self and find oneself within. On account of its practical benefits such as better concentration and focus, improved moods, mindful eating, peaceful sleep, relaxation and rejuvenation of self and weight loss, this great art form has gained huge popularity among people of :  all ages ranging  from kids to the elderly all spheres of life ranging from students, sportspersons, homemakers to even celebrities! all nationalities ranging from the East to West    Yoga – an effective means to help in weight loss yoga for weight loss infographic   A useful

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