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None of us can be a social-recluse, as it is the men who constitute a society. Society has no existence independent of men. Further, man constituted society for his own benefit and use not vice versa. Society furnishes image of men, their status, eating and living patterns, professions and customs. But the society, which was formed for the benefit of man, causes problems to an individual, he either buckles under its weight of customs and traditions or revolts. When we submit, we have to compromise with our conviction, conscience, principle of life and suffer even loss of image, reputation and status. This abject submission, or we may call it a compromise, gives vent to self-brooding, self mortification, social seclusion and a feeling of being let down. It causes mental torture
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Magnet theraphy-Use of Magnets
I have deliberately named them as ‘Ready to use Magnets’ because you do not have to bother much about their upkeep and use. They are made for specific applications meant to be applied on relative diseased organs and can, in addition be used be anyone who suffers from a particular disorders. All the requisite safeguards have also been provided instructions given clearly, leaving no room for any confusion. Moreover, they cover most of the common diseases which torment many modern persons. Since time is the biggest constraint and daily pell-mell of routine chores do not leave much time to a man to attend to the physical problems. Name of Magnetic Device. Where to be used: Head Belt : Complaints of head, brain, forehead, occipit such as headache, migraine hemicrania, insomnia
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Pollution   Due to rapid industrialization and changed life-style, our demands are rocketing to the skies. The factories that process goods for our use, churn out soot, dust, smoke and many poisonous gases and chemicals which not only pollute air and water but also vitiate entire atmosphere as a whole. Chemicals, released into rivers which are sources of drinking water. Due to poisonous impact of chemicals even rare breed of animals is virtually on the verge of total extinction. It is well known factual truth that certain animals help in maintaining ecological balance in the nature. Green pastures, fields, trees, and other plantations have given way to concrete structures where entry of pure and fresh air is not possible. Poisonous gases emitted by vehicles is also a major cause of
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  What started out as an alternative therapy to regain health turned out into a way of life for Yogi Himanshu.  Starting out as a sportsperson, he got introduced to Yoga while facing a health condition and it was the first step towards his life-long commitment to the ancient Indian practice.   With every step, as he delved deep into the principles of Yoga as developed and popularised by the great yogis, monks and saints over thousands of years, an intense inner transformation started. It seemed like divine inspiration guided him to achieve each of his milestones in a span of just 5-6 years of his yogic life. Still a simple man, Yogi Himanshu with his magnetic pull attracts students from all over the globe who get benefitted by his
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Ever rising number of homeopaths is a living testimony to the very fact that more and more people have, though of late, developed interest and faith in this therapy. Lack of its popularity can be attributed to a slander campaign carried out, overtly or covertly, by vested interests who always drew sadistic pleasure by way of denunciation of all the medical sciences which has cared to take into account mental and physical aspects of a patient. Learn More – ALLOPATHY It is not the disease of a person that is treated but his whole personality of a person is screened as it were. Most of the persons who are illiterate can practise allopathy, but to be homeopath, one must have requisite capability and proper understanding, fairly high level of knowledge
Most disorders stem from indiscriminate and wrong use of foods. When taken is moderate quantity and at specific times, the consumed food serves to keep our body healthy but, when we relax our options and enlarge and fatten our diet menu our problems multiply. As already mentioned earlier, too much eating leads to following disorders:- (1) Digestive disorders such as indigestion, gastritis, colic, gastralgia, burning in food pipe (acidity), constipation or else diarrhoea or dysentery. (2) Hypertension, headache, arterio-sclerosis, coronary heart diseases, obesity, diabetes, urinary and kidney problems, insomnia. (3) Inability to stand weather fluctuations and sudden variations in temperature.  (4) Sudden changes in mood, behavioural disorders, mental agitation, irritable temperament. (5) Tendency to sleep during day and keep awake at night. Sleep cannot be induced by taking sedatives.  
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Systems of Treatment
All the systems of treatment aim to help the patient to have relief from the physical disorders, in the minimum possible time and without shelling out much money. But, sadly, the actual purpose was relegated to the back-seat and the money factor became predominant. As the time passes by, patients efforts to find alternative, cheap, effective and time saving therapies are rentless. His main purpose to run after and seek relief from alternate systems of medicine or from non-medical devices is to save and spare himself the agony of torture and frustration. Various therapies, in alternate systems, have been successful to win his favour and patronage and, in certain cases, startling results have been reported. In our country, home remedies managed to take care of most of the common disorders
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Allopathy is the only medical system which has no rival as far as official and state patronage and elite class preference is concerned. Its main thrust is on objective, subjective symptoms, chemical tests, various diagnostic methods, host of medicines to choose from. Since, it has come to stay in our country, not only elite but even the poor and working class opt for it. It is due to the fact that apart from state and industrial patronage, it has maximum number of hospitals, research institutes, diagnostic centres, clinical laboratories and ultra-modern scientific apparatus, specialists, to each and every part of our body-system. Relentless and sustained, research work on new surgical methods and medicines keeps hopes of people alive all over the world.   Read More What is Panchakarma? Types of
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prenatal yoga hya
Pregnancy is a transformative and distinct phase in any woman’s life where the expecting mother prepares her body and mind to bring another life to the world. She often undergoes a mixed feeling of exhilaration, anxiety and uncertainty over doing the right things for her developing fetus. There is advice galore from all her near and dear ones to a pregnant woman who keep advising her about the Do’s and Don’ts to be followed for a healthy child. The expecting mother’s body is changing with each passing day and in the middle of all these physical and hormonal changes, self care assumes paramount importance for the wellness of both mother and fetus. Eating right food with nutrients like iron, calcium, vitamins, folic acid is important to nourish the body.  While
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Diabetes, one of the fastest growing chronic diseases in the world, has become a top health concern for people around the world. From sedentary or inactive lifestyle, faulty food habits, to family history, the disease could trigger due to any of the reasons. If not controlled, it could lead to kidney failure, blindness, lower leg amputation apart from several other complications. Diabetes has been growing at an alarming rate and in the last 20 years, the people affected by it have doubled. While the age group of 45-64 has been among the most affected, the disease is seen among younger lot too owing to lifestyle and other factors. Coronavirus pandemic has further brought the spotlight to Diabetes as people with the disease have higher risk of developing complications and having
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