In the foothills of mighty Himalayas and the bank of the holy Ganga lies the quaint town of Rishikesh. It’s one of the very few places where nature and tranquility meet to create perfect setting for spiritual journey. For thousands of years, saints and sages have found this place most suitable for spiritual practice and have attained enlightenment. One can feel the spiritual vibrations all around here. There was a time when Rishikesh had only wooden houses and huts where spiritual seekers constantly meditated. In secluded dwellings, seekers learnt the ancient vedic scriptures. In course of time, the small settlement grew into a town and now it has developed into a yoga hub with people all across the world thronging to experience the inner peace through yoga and meditation. Rishikesh
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From the land of saint and sages to a melting pot of people from around the world, Rishikesh has evolved into a spiritual destination with global appeal over a period of time. It is called Yoga capital of the world not without a reason. The beautiful Uttarakhand city attracts people from various cities of the world for some or the other reason. Be it adventure activities like river rafting, Ganga aarti at Triveni ghat, or a spiritual vibe that attracts seekers from around the world, Rishikesh has something for everyone. A large chunk of tourists come for learning and practicing Yoga in Rishikesh as the natural beauty of the place merges beautifully with the deep spiritual knowledge and wisdom that the saint and sages living here possess. Rishikesh has a
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Everyone has different reasons to join our yoga teacher training courses. Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh covers basic and intermediate aspects of yoga, and it is not only for those who want to become a yoga teacher but also for those who want to learn yoga in the most authentic way possible. Whether you are a total beginner, or even if you already know some things about yoga, this 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course is for you. You will learn a variety of aspects of yoga, beginning with building strong foundational knowledge and skills in; yoga philosophy, anatomy and physiology, Hatha yoga, Ashtanga vinyasa yoga, alignment and adjustment, yogic breathings, meditation. After establishing a strong foundation of yoga, you will go deeper into the yogic world.
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Yoga is more than what you can see on surface and practising it often brings more benefits than you ever anticipated. Yet, when it comes to signing up for the practice, many people hesitate thinking it is ‘too deep’, ‘not for my age’, or ‘I am too inflexible to bend my body’. Many fitness enthusiasts may also feel that Yoga will not help them lose weight, even if it is able to make them calm. The truth is that Yoga is not only a stress buster, it is an awesome workout too. It is not just for young, but also for elderly and children. It works perfectly well for slim people as well as for overweight. In essence, Yoga is for everyone and incorporating it into your daily routine can
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Plan your next holiday to have a truly relaxing, and energizing time. Practicing Yoga at a serene place and natural surroundings can enhance the effects of your learning and practice. This is the reason Yoga enthusiasts hunt for such places to either initiate or deepen their practice. When it comes to tranquility and spirituality, Rishikesh comes to the mind almost immediately and rightly so. Rishikesh is regarded as the Yoga capital of the world due to its spiritual roots, ancient temples and ashrams, the picturesque location, and a peaceful vibe. The city in the hill state of Uttarakhand, is fast gaining popularity among all kinds of tourists and is finding favour from both spiritual and adventure seekers alike. Situated at the banks of the river Ganges and foothills of Himalayas,
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Did you know that the yoga teacher training courses are for everyone who want to have a truly happy life by incorporating yoga into your life. The yoga teacher training course is not only for future yoga teachers. The courses cover the most important aspects of yoga from different points of view in order to prepare the learner be able to live life with the yogic wisdom. Take a look at some of the recent interviews with our yoga teacher training course students on the graduation ceremony. (Some parts of the interviewed contents are modified or shortened in order to fit into this blog article. Visit our YouTube channel to watch full versions.) Leave everything you have been practicing or reading in your own countries aside and absorb everything here.
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Tips on How to Choose the Best Online Yoga Teacher Training Courses
Many people want to join a yoga school in Rishikesh, India, but we understand it is not so easy to take a long break from your daily responsibilities or work. Online learnings have become even more popular after the pandemic, and so many online courses are available in almost any fields you are interested in. You can find different kinds of online yoga courses including teacher trainings, and there are some things you need to take into consideration carefully when deciding which online yoga teacher training course to take. Things to consider when choosing the best online yoga teacher training course Is the course provider recognized by Yoga Alliance? Yoga Alliance is the biggest yoga community that recognize yoga schools and teachers all over the world. Having registered with Yoga
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Plan your next holiday to have a truly relaxing, and energizing time. Holiday beyond an Escape Are you excited for your next long days off? What do you usually do on your holiday? A lot of people take a vacation to go away from the reality of their hectic lifestyle and the noise in their head, but when the vacation is over, you need to come back to the reality that gives you pain, tiredness, anxiety. Whatever we choose to do on our holidays, most of your ultimate purpose is to get relaxed, to get energized for the life after the holiday, isn’t it? Let’s get a holiday that gives you that return directly to your body, mind, and the soul that can have a lasting effect on your life
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August 24, 2023

8 benefits of yoga beyond the mat

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The ancient practice of Yoga is finding approval in the younger generation more than ever before. The asanas, breathing techniques and meditation practices not only provide a complete workout to the body but also rejuvenation to mind. Yoga practice has short term and long-term benefits. When you start practicing Yoga, some of the early benefits you receive are better fitness levels, flexibility, stamina, increase in muscular strength to name a few. With time and practice these benefits multiply and grow stronger. Yoga not only transforms your body and mind but also your overall outlook. Gaining insights from the inner world, you apply them in your everyday life and become more calm, efficient and sorted. Even if you consider Yoga a workout, you will receive a bouquet of unexpected benefits that
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Yoga is for everyone in any stage of their life. The sooner you start learning and practicing yoga, the more you get fruit from. Trying to find happiness outside world is an endless mistake, and yoga is the way to find true happiness within ourselves. If you are a yoga practitioner or you want to learn yoga, a lot of people choose Rishikesh to learn yoga in. Why so? Why Do People Choose Rishikesh to Learn Yoga? Rishikesh is the birthplace of yoga, and widely known as the world capital of yoga. Rishikesh has been thriving with India’s ancient wisdoms and authenticity. You can feel Yoga is rooted deeply in their way of life. There are so many ashrams, spiritual temples and spots where many great Sages have left their
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