200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course Rishikesh India 2019

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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course Rishikesh


Rishikesh- the “World Capital of Yoga” looks forward to your participation in the 200 hour yoga teacher training rishikesh program – your stepping stone to a bright future ahead.

Settled cozily amidst the mighty Himalayas, the Abode of Gods- Rishikesh has gained much attention from yogis and spirituals, since the sands of time. With an enriching history of holistic and traditional yogic culture, this sacred land opens doors to the age-old legacy of the divine wisdom and knowledge left by the dedicated sages who gained the same through meditation and concentration. Step your foot into this great land of India on a 28 day residential Yoga Teacher Training Course exclusively conducted by Himalayan Yoga Association- one of its kind in Rishikesh and the right choice of yoga school for all aspiring yogis.

200 hour yoga teacher training at Himalayan Yoga Association, Rishikesh

Structured in a progressive manner, we follow English as a medium of instruction, at our yoga school in Rishikesh for ease of understanding for international students. Establish a strong foundation to becoming a competitive yoga teacher, though our 200 hour yoga teacher training program in Rishikesh. At our yoga school in particular, you will find this program following the authentic and traditional teaching methodology that belongs to the vedic ages. Feel a comfortable and relaxed environment here as you gain the necessary support, encouragement and guidance towards your yogic journey.

What you will gain from the program:

-Hatha, Astanga, and Vinyasa flow yoga are the categories we specialize in. Our curriculum covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject to provide the optimum experience and benefit to our students.
-Get certified internationally, as a professional 200 hour yoga teacher upon successful completion of the course. We are a registered Yoga School in order to ensure standard form of yoga education to our students. We are internationally accredited by Yoga Alliance USA, Yoga Alliance UK and Yoga Alliance International.
-Feel the taste of traditional sattvic diet – a simple , yet tasty and healthy cuisine suited to yogic lifestyle.
-Experience exciting excursions around the town of Rishikesh- an activity you will look forward to.
-Comprehensive study materials
-Small batch size of just 15 to 20 students to enable better understanding , personalized attention , proper feedback and above all a learning experience worth the program
-And more!

Program speciality-

-The secrets of Pranayama
-Connecting the breath to the mind and body
-Mind control through Yoga Nidra
-Meditation – how to focus
-Yoga Anatomy and Philosophy

Our Gurus

We take pride in having the best teachers at our yoga school who are Yoga Alliance certified. Join Himalayan Yoga Association to meet our team of dedicated gurus who add the spark to the courses through their real-life as well as practical experiences that they have witnessed in their yogic journey so far.

At our yoga school, yoga is perceived beyond just an exercise. Rather, we believe it as a way of life leading to one’s development- physically, mentally and spiritually.


Get in Touch…

Addresss: Himalayan Yoga Ashram, Himalayan Yoga association, Gulab Nagar, Tapovan, Rishikesh, 249137, Uttarakhand
Contact no. : +919760206223
Email Id: vinyasaindia@gmail.com

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