Accomplished Yoga Gurus At Himalayan Yoga Association

All yoga teachers at Himalayan Yoga Association are certified accomplished yoga teachers, holding Yoga TTC & master degrees in Yoga Sciences Recognized by the government of India & Yoga alliance USA. All gurus have been teaching yoga for many years in many of our yoga schools and centers in India & around the world, their experiences as well as accomplishments on the path of yoga help them to understand their students and guiding them towards right direction.

Himanshu Joshi Yoga Teacher Rishikesh India

Yogi Himanshu Ji (The Founder)

Yoga Philosphy Teacher & Meditation Teacher

His existence is our example as a human being. His existance is our message to the world. A simple man with fewer needs, and an accomplished yogi is what describe Yogi Himanshu. He is one of the most respected yoga gurus in India. His aim has always been spreading love and helping people through Yoga teachings. He has become an accomplished yogi after acquiring an intense yoga Sadhana. He has completed his Masters in Indian & Western Philosophy, and graduated from the university with a tremendous amount of certificates and accomplishments in many fields. He encourages yoga students to explore and deepen their practices at their own pace. He is the founder of a lot of leading yoga institutes in India & around the world, and he ensures that his classes remain safe, energetic, dynamic and loving.

Yogi Himanshu teaches Meditation, and yoga philosophy ‘Teachings of Maharishi Patanjali’s yoga sutras & teachings of Bhagavad Gita.’ He also conducts kirtan nights with mantra chantings with his powerful voice that comes from his soul, and plays Indian classical instruments beautifully for our students so that they can also experience and learn the power of Indian classical music & mantra chantings.  


Yogini Neha Ji

Yoga Anatomy / Yoga Therapy / Ayurveda

Neha ji was born and raised in Rishikesh near the Himalayas and the mother Ganga. She has done master’s degree in yogic science, certificate course in fundamentals of Ayurveda, Diploma in Naturopathy from one of a highly recognized university in Haridwar. Currently she is pursuing PhD in yoga. She has been teaching her highly polished knowledge for over the last 4 years. Her clear and authentic teaching with compassion and love in our anatomy / yoga therapy / Ayurveda classes at Himalayan Yoga Association allow you to beautifully open mind to new learnings. Her lifestyle guidance and applicable science of yoga and Ayurveda to the modern lifestyle give you a new dimension to integrate knowledge in your own life and holistically managing wellbeing.

Yogi M

Yogi Manoj Ji

Hatha / Vinyasa Flow / Shatkarma / Pranayama

Manoj ji was born and grew up in the holy city Rishikesh. He feels fortunate to be a part of this natural and spiritual culture by the bank of one of the most holy river of India, called the mother Ganga. He received direct blessings and teachings from many saints and masters in Rishikesh. Always having a lovely smile of face, Manoj ji started to understand and experience the art of yogic living in his childhood. He has done his master’s degree in yoga. He has been delivering the wisdom of yoga in Rishikesh since 2006. He is well trained and find himself so comfortable in teaching of Bahirang Yoga (yama, niyama, asana, pranayama). He is authentic and classical in his knowledge and on other hand, he understands the role of modern life and modern styles of yogic practices. He has been giving great attentions to all the aspects of yoga and its variations required in this modern time. Manoj ji has a great combination of ancient yogic knowledge and the understanding of applying them to the modern lifestyle.



Ashtanga / Alignment & Adjustment

Prashant started his Yoga Journey at his early young age. His teaching gives a perfect blend of different styles of asanas in the form of Ashtanga vinyasa yoga and Adjustments & Alignments. He is an experienced registered yoga teacher (ERYT) from Yoga alliance. Prashant ji has a master’s degree in yogic science. Found his strong passion in yoga, especially asana practices and started teaching yoga asanas in 2014, he is extremely knowledgeable and skillful in delivering his knowledge as one of the most respected yoga teachers in Rishikesh. He strives to share his experience and knowledge of yoga always at his maximum with others which help people to grow dramatically during their asana learnings and practices. His classes at Himalayan Yoga Association always bring full of energy and a high motivation to the people in the classroom.


Yogi Deepak Ji

Hatha / Vinyasa Flow / Shatkarma / Pranayama / Meditation

Deepak ji is an immensely experienced yoga teacher based in the serene town of Rishikesh. Specializing in pranayama, meditation, and Hatha vinyasa yoga, Deepak ji brings a wealth of knowledge to his teachings. He holds the master’s degree in yogic science and is a 500 hours E-RYT. He has been teaching a variety of aspects of yoga in Rishikesh for more than 7 years.
His deep-rooted connection to Rishikesh, a place steeped in spiritual heritage, has shaped his profound understanding of yoga. With a gentle and patient demeanor, Deepak ji guides students on a transformative journey of self-discovery through the practices of pranayama and meditation. His expertise in Hatha Yoga encompasses the art of balancing physical postures, breath control, and meditation techniques. His classes offer a sacred space for individuals of all levels to explore inner peace, mental clarity, and physical vitality. If you seek a seasoned yoga teacher in Rishikesh to deepen your practice and enhance your well-being, join Deepak on the path to holistic wellness and spiritual growth.

yogi sadhu ji


Yoga Philosophy

Introducing Acharya Sadhu Sri, a distinguished figure in Rishikesh renowned for his unwavering commitment to the profound realms of Yoga Philosophy and Indian Scriptures. With a notable academic background and an unparalleled passion for the study of ancient wisdom, he stands as a beacon of knowledge and enlightenment in the heart of the spiritual capital. His Educational journey has been marked by excellence. He holds a Master’s degree in Yogic Science and Philosophy, a testament to his deep-rooted understanding of both the physical and metaphysical aspects of yoga. Further, his pursuit of wisdom led him to acquire an Advanced Diploma in Vedanta, Sanskrit, and Indian philosophy from the esteemed Chinmaya International Foundation in Kerala. Additionally, his exploration extended into the world of Buddhism, Vipassana, and Pali Language, with an Advanced Diploma from the Vipassana Research Institute in Mumbai. With a thirst for knowledge that knows no bounds, he has also received Certification in Yoga and Vedanta from the revered Shivananda Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy in Rishikesh. His specialization in Indian Scriptures demonstrates a commitment to preserving and passing on the sacred teachings of this ancient land.

His dedication to studying and dissemination these profound teachings makes him a luminous presence in Rishikesh, an individual whose wisdom and insight shine brightly in the realm of spirituality and philosophy. He is presently studying advanced scriptures in Vedanta at Kailash Ashram under the Guidance of Great Acharyas.