Accomplished Yoga Gurus At Himalayan Yoga Association

All yoga teachers at Himalayan Yoga Association are certified accomplished yoga teachers, holding Yoga TTC & master degrees in Yoga Sciences Recognized by the government of India & Yoga alliance USA. All gurus have been teaching yoga for many years in many of our yoga schools and centers in India & around the world, their experiences as well as accomplishments on the path of yoga help them to understand their students and guiding them towards right direction.

Himanshu Joshi Yoga Teacher Rishikesh India

Yogi Himanshu Ji (The Founder)

Yoga Philosphy Teacher & Meditation Teacher

His existence is our example as a human being. His existance is our message to the world. A simple man with fewer needs, and an accomplished yogi is what describe Yogi Himanshu. He is one of the most respected yoga gurus in India. His aim has always been spreading love and helping people through Yoga teachings. He has become an accomplished yogi after acquiring an intense yoga Sadhana. He has completed his Masters in Indian & Western Philosophy, and graduated from the university with a tremendous amount of certificates and accomplishments in many fields. He encourages yoga students to explore and deepen their practices at their own pace. He is the founder of a lot of leading yoga institutes in India & around the world, and he ensures that his classes remain safe, energetic, dynamic and loving.

Yogi Himanshu teaches Meditation, and yoga philosophy ‘Teachings of Maharishi Patanjali’s yoga sutras & teachings of Bhagavad Gita.’ He also conducts kirtan nights with mantra chantings with his powerful voice that comes from his soul, and plays Indian classical instruments beautifully for our students so that they can also experience and learn the power of Indian classical music & mantra chantings.  


Yogini Neha Ji

Yoga Anatomy / Yoga Therapy / Ayurveda

She was born and raised in the birth place of yoga, Rishikesh, near the Himalayas and Mother Ganga. She has done PhD in yogic science. Her authentic and loving approach to each student in our anatomy / Yoga therapy / Ayurvedic classes allows you to be beautifully open to new learnings just as the way she is open to new knowledge and experiences in life. Her sophisticated knowledge and clear instructions in the classes give you unbearable knowledge that is ready-to-apply in your daily life as a yoga practitioner as well as a teacher in the future.

Yogi M

Yogi Manoj Ji

Hatha / Vinyasa Flow / Shatkarma / Pranayama

He is our one of the most experienced teachers who has been teaching yoga for 15+ years , especially focused on Hatha Yoga. Here at Himalayan Yoga Association, he is delivering Hatha / Vinyasa Flow classes with his authentic and sophisticated knowledge. His gentle and loving existence brings you an instant and lasting brightness inside your heart and your practices. His authentic way of teaching Hatha Yoga to our students have been bringing precious experiences and knowledge in their yogic journey that never vanish with time.


Yogi Prashant Ji

Ashtanga / Alignment & Adjustment

His class is always full of energy, and his passion for delivering a proper knowledge of asanas with clear directions creates a dynamic atmosphere in the class. Yogi Prashant is from the birth place of yoga, our home Rishikesh, who has a Master degree in Yogic Science. He has been conducting diversity of classes mainly Ashtanga, Hatha, and Iyenger. Here at Himalayan Yoga Association, he is dedicated to teach high quality Ashtanga classes and alignments / adjusments with his unbeatably clear instructions.


Yogi Deepak Ji

Hatha / Vinyasa Flow / Shatkarma / Pranayama / Meditation

He is our 500-hour E-RYT (Experienced Resisted Yoga Teacher) that goes beyond his certification with his precise and clear instructions that bring a whole class to a higher learning environment. His powerful and bright existence, and a full support to each individual’s needs make our students grow beautifully. Yogi Deepak has a Master of Yoga, and he delivers his passion and knowledge in his Hatha / Vinyasa, Meditation, and Pranayama classes at Himalayan Yoga Association.

yogi sadhu ji

Yogi Sadhu Shree Ji

Yoga Philosophy

Yogi Sadhu Sri Ji is a very well-known teacher in Rishikesh, India, and loved by all the students that have had their luck to get in touch with him and his teachings. He is a Master in Yogic science as well as philosophy, and has an advanced diploma in Vedanta, Sanskrit, and Indian philosophy. His knowledge in India scripture is outstanding, and he has been intervied by top institutes. He is our beloved yoga philosophy teacher, and you will have unforgettable time in his classes.