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best yoga teacher in rishikesh india

Best Yoga Teacher in Rishikesh India

Namaste i am yogi Himanshu, I am founder of Himalayan yoga association and Bali yoga School, me and my team together are running yoga courses, yoga retreats world-wide like in India, Bali, Costa Rica, Cambodia.

I myself have been practicing yoga for 5 to 6 years, it’s My Life it has given me a good health, prosperity and peace of mind, I am very grateful to all the yoga practices, through these practices.

I found that there is very less theory in life, life is completely practical if you live practically you will live happily if you will live with the theories you will stuck into unnecessary worries of the world, I practice meditation, I love being more in Silence and observing the world, watching the people, watching the things happening around and accepting the things as they are, through the experience instead of continuous mind talks and projections, my dream is just to stay a good human, I love nature, I love helping out people in any way possible not just only in the field of yoga but also outside of yoga to contribute myself in any where possible, I love chanting mantras, I love doing kirtan’s, I love farming, I love running, I love trekking, spending time into nature, spending time with people, I born and brought up in Rishikesh, india.


I come from very middle class family experienced lot of things but I always like to take all the experiences as teachings and because of all those experiences I could do this I could make this beautiful yoga community, a beautiful yoga family and that’s what I want to do throughout my life so that when I die- my work is done.

I die peacefully, happily & satisfied I just want to say all of you that don’t let the fear inside you drag your dreams from you, live your dreams, life is short and it is true, life is not perfect but you have the power to make it perfect and this is absolutely 100% true, put yourself in the practices of yoga to live a healthy balanced life, understand who you really are understand your power, your capacity through the practices of yoga.


It’s a beautiful town situated on the bank of mother Ganga surrounded by the Himalayas, mountains, wildlife national Park and full of ashram’s, yoga schools, temples and these all gave us a strong root to live the  holistic life,  we lived in such environment, we learnt a lot and I am very grateful to all the spiritual teachings, because of these spiritual teaching I could find myself beyond body and mind, because of these spiritual teachings

I made efforts to look beyond body and the mind, spirituality means for me to stay physically & mentally healthy, compassionate, peaceful, respectful, spirituality for me doesn’t mean a different guy wearing different clothes or having a different divine position in the society, spirituality for me is all about being healthy, peaceful man and nice living with the people, helping them, listening them learning from them that’s what spirituality means for me and i am completely grateful for all their experiences, for all the up’s and down’s I had and I have in my life for making me strong person.

Discover your real self which is eternal powerful and universal, do the right things and the whole universe will put its energy for you to accomplish your dream, no matter what you want to achieve in your life, yoga practices will give you support it will become your anchor so that no matter what circumstances come you don’t stop until you reach your destination.

I want to thank all the Great yogis, all the Great monks, saints for blessing us with all these spiritual practices, practices like Vipassana, yoga Asana’s, Pranayama, yoga Darshan which is yogic philosophy, bhagavad Gita, yoga sutras of Maharishi Patanjali mantra’s, and so on.

I would also like to mention the name of great spiritual master pujya Swami Shri Lal Prabhupada for unfolding the great power of Maha-mantra to the all of us, I love practicing (Hari Mantra) (Hari Naam)- hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare- Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare, pujya Swami Shri Lal Prabhupada books are very enlightening he wrote from his hearts that tells us the truth.

I love doing kirtan and especially his commentary on Bhagwat Geeta made the real change in my life, my mind understood and experienced how through this Maha-mantra we can cleans the mind, body thereafter I started living the life absolutely practical life not theoretical.

I  started believing in myself in my inner voice, in my real experiences instead of the theories around me, I am grateful to share all these experiences with all of you, I believe it will inspire you, I believe it will bring great strength, positivity in you, Join the path of yoga to live a healthy, balanced & peaceful life, understand health Management it’s very important to live not only quantity life but rather quality life, not just hard work but also the Smart-work, not only working for oneself but also for other-selves, thanku much for listening me, I wish you all a wonderful day & wonderful time, I am always in your service, i send you love and light, namaste, thank you. 

Always in your service 

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