How to find the right Yoga Teacher Training School in Rishikesh India

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An age old practice that has the power transform lives, rishikesh yoga school is an art that inspires many and a science that has helps heal the mind, body and soul. This has been one of the main reasons that make yoga a popularly sought after subject of interest which in turn has lead to the increasing demand for quality yoga teachers to spread the message and teachings of the ancient lineage.

For those aspiring to venture beyond the yoga mat, the thought of transforming into a certified yoga teacher will have certainly come across their minds. And with this massive surge into the quest to fulfil their desires and aspirations, it is not surprising to see curious yogis and yoga aspirants researching on what a yoga teacher training school is all about, and how to find out the right one.

For whom the yoga teacher training is meant

If deepening your yogic practice is what you aim for, knowing more on the yogic philosophy is what interests you, and teaching yoga is your passion, then enrolling yourself in a quality yoga school for a standard yoga teacher training program is the right decision and action that you can take, to achieve your aims and aspirations.

Choosing the right yoga school

Given a wide array of choices of yoga teacher training schools all over the globe, choosing one out of all, could pose a challenging task, since there is a considerable amount of investment of time, effort and money involved. So a mindful consideration and plenty of research become essential prior to enrolling for a yoga teacher training school. So here, you will find some handy tips to help you in your research to make it more meaningful and fruitful:

A quick word:

A popular remedy that has been passed on from the generations, yoga brings with it the multi-fold benefits via yoga teacher training programs. It gives us the much needed solace that we seek amidst a world driven by technology and artificial intelligence. Keeping this in mind, yoga studios conduct teacher training programs that offer what the seekers look for. However, there are some that take shortcuts to just make quick bucks! There have been many such horror stories experienced by students such as :

Teachers not experienced enough

Program not covering the authentic teachings of yoga and so on so it is advised to remain alert and cautious of such situations. In order to avoid the same, it becomes absolutely essential to do your homework and ensure that you have selected the right yoga school for yourself.

So are you ready to get into the nitty gritty? Then have a look at these best tips to get into the right yoga school for yoga teacher training in rishikesh:

Choosing the Right Instructors

Will you be comfortable with the instructors of the school? Are they student-friendly and open to their queries? How long have they been into the teaching arena? How many training sessions have they conducted? Are they certified teachers? Do you feel you can connect well with them? If the yoga school can successfully address these questions, then they are on the right track.

How Many Students Will be in your Class?

Does the yoga school conduct classes in small batches? Generally 15 to 20 students per batch is considered the ideal size as this will facilitate better learning and understanding of the concepts along with personalised attention in each class that will determine your money’s worth. Large batch sizes would not provide you that much needed focus to keep you motivated. So it is necessary to verify the batch size that the yoga school maintains.

Is the yoga school certified by the Yoga Alliance?

This is an important factor that you must look out for. The Yoga Alliance sets the standard framework which acts as the basic guide to be followed by all the registered yoga schools. It also grants the resources, insurance and other benefits for paid members. Many studios demand a certification from Yoga Alliance as a criteria while selecting their yoga teachers. Though most yoga schools do mention that they are Yoga Alliance recognised, do confirm the facts before your enrolment.

Where is it Located? What’s the Schedule?

Your training could take a minimum of 4 weeks for an intensive one or even go beyond a year if you are a working professional. An authentic yoga teacher training program calls for a serious commitment as far as time and efforts are concerned. So this is to be taken into consideration while deciding on the yoga school that works best in your case. Keep in mind the fact that your yoga teacher training is not just about class hours but also includes the hours you spend on your personal practice, assignments and teaching practice as well.

An ideal yoga school generally follows a well-structured daily regimen that runs parallel to the healthy yogic lifestyle.

The cost factor

If you are planning on staying local, then there is the need to research on the total costs involved in the yoga teacher training program including transportation. Make sure you keep a check on any hidden costs that associated with the training program such as the study materials or workshops organised and so on. On the other hand if you intend to travel across the globe to accomplish your purpose, then this calls for an enquiry on the flight tickets, and other costs of the training program. Find the answers to these crucial questions that arise in determining the worth of the yoga school chosen by you:

  • Is the Yoga teacher training program a residential one? Is food and accommodation a part of the package?
  • Are weekend excursions included too?
  • What added facilities will I get? (for eg. Attached bath, Wifi etc.)
  • Will I get a certification at the end of the program upon graduation?
  • Is the batch size small (15 to 20 students only)?

Yoga Teacher Training Schools Rishikesh across the globe:

If you have decided to pursue your dreams and aspirations and go beyond the yoga mat, then ‘The World is your playground!’ And to ignite your passion for teaching yoga, and travelling across the globe, you have no dearth of choice for the best destinations to visit for a yoga teacher training program bali. Here are some promising ones to look forward to:

Ubud, Bali: If meditating and practicing yoga under the sun, in the sand and surrounded by the sea, is your idea of a perfect vacation, then Bali is the place to be!

Costa Rica: Renowned for its warm and welcoming locals,adventure tours, biodiversity, rain forests, surfing, and more, Costa Rica is one of the top wanted destinations by yoga enthusiasts.

India: The place where yoga finds its roots, the birthplace of yoga itself- India has some of the best yoga schools such as the Himalayan Yoga Association imparting authentic yoga teacher training courses on 100 hour, 200 hour, 300 hour, 500 hour yoga teacher training recognised internationally by Yoga Alliance. A visit to this ‘Land of yogis and saints’ is certainly worth a go. If the authentic teachings of the traditional yogic science is what you are looking for , then India has it.

Thailand: A popular hub of yogis for heath and wellness retreats and yoga teacher training schools, the pristine beaches of Thailand, its mystical mountains and laid back lifestyle, serve the best of yoga practice amidst the beautiful backdrop of ‘the Land of smiles.’ The place has plenty of studio and retreat options to offer along with vibrant yoga communities to discover – another yogic voyage worth your time and effort.

Reputation of the Yoga School Rishikesh

Do remember to check the reputation of the yoga school that you are opting for. Here are some factors that are questionable in this regard:

  • Is the yoga school a reputed one?
  • How many locations across the globe have they successfully established themselves?
  • How many trainings have they conducted so far?
  • How many students have graduated from the yoga school so far?

To determine the best option for yourself , analyse your current situation – the demands posed by your work and social life and how a yoga teacher training could impact your schedule. A yoga teacher training entails serious commitment of effort and time. So this should be taken into consideration while deciding on the program that will work in the best possible way in your favour.