Online 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

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A passion pursued by one and many, yoga is not only a subject but a way of life that brings about a transformation to your mind, body and soul! So are you an aspiring yogi who has decided to take the interest and passion for yoga to the next level? Then realise your dreams and open up new horizons in your life through an online 200 hour yoga teacher training course!


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200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

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Why Online Yoga Teacher Training?

There may be a vast array of training options offered by yoga school in rishikesh, each of which may differ in terms of the style of yoga taught, teachers,location, course fees and so on, however the most recent form of yoga teacher training that is trending hot is online yoga teacher training.

Who the online 200 hour yoga teacher training course is meant for

The online 200 hour YTTC Rishikesh is meant for those not in a position to join regular yoga classes due to some reason or the other, though they still yearn to obtain the teachings of quality yoga education. Keeping this in mind several yoga schools have introduced quality online training programs to cater to such students who are unable to enrol for the regular sessions on yoga teacher training. Thus this online YTTC course is for:

  • Interested aspirants and practitioners who do not have access to quality yoga teacher training schools in their vicinity.
  • Working professionals who have time constraints and are unable to attend classes regularly.
  • Those who have financial constraints and are unable to meet the extra costs involved in classroom courses.
  • Those who are financially sound and are not bound by time, however unable to attend yoga school sessions due to some disability or incapability.

What is included in the online course?

A standard online course on 200 hour yoga teacher training includes live yoga sessions with instructors, self-study and self-practice. You do not have to travel far and wide to the yoga school to avail your lessons thus saving on your commuting and travel expenses and time as well. You have the option to complete the yoga training at your own pace you are comfortable with. This is possible via the tools and techniques that the yoga school has on offer. You will have the privilege to learn the practising techniques at home itself and also avail the opportunity to participate in quality online yoga classes with others.

The positive consequences of online 200 hour yoga teacher training course

On successful completion of the course, you will become eligible to register yourself under Yoga Alliance. The course content on online 200 hour yoga ttc will remain the same as the standard 200 hour yoga teacher training course that follows the guidelines as set by Yoga Alliance.

Thus for those who still wish to chase their burning passion for yoga and yoga teacher training, despite the constraints that come their way, an online 200 hour yoga teacher training will be the perfect path that will lead them on towards their yogic journey ahead.