Why Rishikesh is best for yoga teacher training ?

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India’s warm and welcoming culture,tradition and spiritual orientation has touched one and many a traveller from every corner of the globe visiting this diverse land and wanting to explore the same along with its historical heritage. To explore the spiritual aspects of life, you will find no dearth of spiritual destinations offering yoga and meditation and retreats ,be it north , south, east or west of India. However, if given a choice of that one destination for a yogi , that rises and shines above the rest and is hailed as the ‘Yoga Capital of the World’ it has to be undoubtedly the petite but humble town in the foothills of the lovely Himalayas – Rishikesh , truly the reigning yoga hub.  

If you are seeking professional help in the study of yoga and would also like to embark upon a fulfilling career , a yoga teacher training program in Rishikesh is the ultimate roadmap for you to follow . And if you are wondering why Rishikesh is best for yoga teacher training, then here’s the answer:

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The yoga city Rishikesh has a historic and religious significance, being home to many a saint, yogi and spiritual seekers , the popular amongst them being The Beatles who had visited this holy town while they had been on the quest for spiritualism and enlightenment. That was way back 50 years! Today with yoga as a global event, Rishikesh is yet again on top of the charts as one of the much sought-after destinations for the authentic form of this traditional yet trending art of yoga! The mountains, forests, the tranquility that persists, the refreshing breeze by the banks of the holy Ganges, the innumerable ashrams and temples and yoga teacher training centers – there is much to explore along with a professional course which is why Rishikesh is best for yoga teacher training.

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The yogic way of life

The small town of Rishikesh being of remote nature, does not favour much of the materialistic lifestyle which in turn teaches you the yogic way of life , as such life , in the actual sense signifies breaking off from the worldly desires and focusing on self and bonding with the Divine. Not only just an ashram, but rather, every corner of this holy town is replete with spirituality and zen, thus every corner is suitable for a tranquil yoga studio offering yoga teacher training with 100 % focus and attention on the course that makes it all the more effective.

The values of simplicity, humility and karma or deed towards society which underline the yogic way of life , prevail amidst the environment of Rishikesh and that again adds an edge to a yoga teacher training program and thus justifies why Rishikesh is best for yoga teacher training. In addition to values, the other characteristics of the yogic way of life include following a disciplined daily regimen of waking up and sleeping early, meditating in the mornings , practising deep breathing or pranayama, cleansing rituals , consuming healthy yogic diet devoid of junk items , and delving deep in the practice of asanas on a regular basis.

These areas can be best worked upon under the right and authentic surroundings for those who want to begin their yogic journey and later on take it back home after attaining a complete training on the same. So to gain access to the right surroundings, a yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is the best way to achieve it, as it has the right mix of all the techniques requires to learn and adopt the yogic way of living and this yet again is another good reason why Rishikesh is best for yoga teacher training.

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Yoga education with elements of both ‘learning and fun’ in Rishikesh

A plethora of activities including adventure sports, camping and sightseeing are the attractions that beckon students to pursue a course on yoga teacher training in Rishikesh as they get the best of both learning and fun the same time. So while staying throughout the course duration in this destination, you can be assured of no boredom but more to learn and explore every day. Besides, standard yoga teacher training schools in Rishikesh such as Himalayan Yoga Association include excursions as part of their yoga teacher training program package itself to allow the best of both worlds to students.

Joining this yoga school as a student entitles for the excursion program that includes waterfall tour, Rishikesh tour, visit to Vashishta Cave and Balkunwari temple – unique spots for you to explore and enjoy during your stay for the course program. In addition to excursions, the yoga school also ensures an enjoyable stay for students at their premises as part of their residential yoga teacher training program through educative sessions on ayurvedic cooking, Bollywood dance, kirtans and satsangs .  The other areas of interest that add value to the course program include ayurvedic massage and therapy, and workshops. So at Himalayan Yoga Association, it’s more than just a course ! This outstanding yoga school coupled with such outstanding location speaks for why Rishikesh is best for yoga teacher training.

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Availability of reliable and authentic yoga courses in Rishikesh

A yoga teacher training in Rishikesh sparks joy in the life of a yogi aspiring to make it big in the yogic field. From the yogi traveller’s point of view, Rishikesh is the guiding light to a great beginning in the yogic journey through the yoga teacher training course programs hosted by a wide array of yoga schools to chose from in this part of India and recognised internationally by Yoga Alliance which confirm their authenticity. So the availability of authentic and trusted yoga teacher training programs in Rishikesh is yet again one more reason why Rishikesh is best for yoga teacher training. 

And if you are still thinking of more reasons as to why Rishikesh is best for yoga teacher training, then visit this promising destination itself and know more . There is much that lies in store here for the yogi travellers to find out!