200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Certification Course

online yoga certification course

200 Hours Self- paced Online Hatha /Vinyasa Flow /Ashtanga Based Yoga Teacher Training


Now It’s the great opportunity for all yoga practitioners to acquire 200 Hours online Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher training courses from Himalayan yoga association, it is self-paced yoga course where you get minimum 30 Days to maximum 3 months to complete this course, course includes pre-recorded & live yoga session on each topic of each subject with clear explanation and demonstration from great teachers, You can play all the classes even in low internet speed, its completely real learning experience from us to your space, its great opportunity for all of you to complete 200 hours yoga course in very reasonable price with one of the top yoga school of Rishikesh, join us today. 

India’s one of the top yoga association, courses are yoga alliance certified that makes us able to teach anywhere in the world as a certified yoga teacher So lets take this opportunity, lets make this time the most valuable time of our life.


Advantages of Becoming the Part Himalayan Yoga Association Family

What is included ?

Access to Our Panel for all classes pre-recorded sessions – https://onlinecourse.himalayanyogaashram.com/ 

Monday to Saturday – Everyday 8 Live Classes in ZOOM.

Monday to Saturday – Everyday 1 Youtube Live Classe of Ashtanga or Hatha -Vinyasa Flow. 

 Access to more than 130 pre-recorded hd quality yoga sessions over meditation, pranayama, yoga philosophy, yoga anatomy, ashtanga vinyasa yoga, Hatha vinyasa-flow. 

150 contact hours with pre-recorded sessions & live classes. 

20 elective hours of assignment.

30 non-contact hours of self-practice.

Online sessions’ timezone: Rishikesh, India (GMT+5:30).

Flexible duration: can be completed in 30 days to 3 months.

IST 10:00 to 17:00 assistance service available for any query relate to the course. 

One year membership access to all pre-recorded classes.

10% discount on all offline courses in the future.

Digital Course manual PDF.

Yoga Alliance Certified Certification.


Daily schedule of Live zoom classes ( Monday to Saturday) according IST Indian standard time.

08:30 – 09:15 am ist- Yoga Anatomy (Beginner and intermediate)

11:00 – 12:00 a.m ist – Yoga Philosophy

12:00- 12:45 p.m ist- Yoga therapy/Ayurveda

12:45- 13:30 p.m. ist- Yoga Anatomy (Advance)

14:00- 15:00 p.m. ist- Asana ( Vinyasa Flow)

15:00- 16:00 p.m. ist- Pranayama

17:00- 18:00 p.m. ist- Meditation

18:00- 19:00 p.m. ist- Ashtanga yoga with Alignment/Adjustment methodology


Advantages of Becoming the part of Himalayan yoga family

Classes recording by great teachers. 

You will also get free life-time membership with Himalayan yoga association & its branches.

You will be eligible for 10% discount in our all off-line courses.

Opportunity to work with us as the assistant teacher.

Opportunity to work with us as the lead teacher.

Opportunity to work with us as the volunteer on our world-wide retreat programs.

Course Hours
150 contact hours with pre-recorded classes.
20 elective hours of assignments
30 non-contact hours of self-practice

Course Date
You can join the course at any-time to start it, all you need is to write us an email then we will write you back about the next steps, so book your seat today to start your yogic journey with Himalayan yoga association. 

Course Fee-

200 USD for International students. 

14,500 Rupees for Indian students.

In order to book for the course participant is required to deposit course fees, the course is 14,500 Rupees for Indian Participants & 200 USD for International Participants, you can pay your course fees via google pay, phone pay, Paytm, razor pay, bank transfer, transfer-wise, western union for more visit our payment page- https://www.himalayanyogaashram.com/yoga-courses-payment/  

Refund policy – The course fees is non-refundable , only in the case of emergency students can join us on other schedules.


    200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Self Paced Pre-recorded – Course Syllabus


    Day 1st

    Ashtanga Series Introduction 

    Vinyasa Flow – Introduction  

    Philosophy – Introduction    

    Anatomy – Introduction to Anatomy 

    Pranayama – Introduction         

    Meditation – What is meditation?


    Day 2nd 

    Vinyasa Flow – Sun Salutation (A) Beginner

    Philosophy – Summary of Yoga  

    Anatomy – Directional Term of anatomy

    Ashtanga Series – Sun Salutation A  

    Pranayama – Benefits

    Meditation – Mantra Meditation 


    Day 3rd

    Vinyasa Flow – Sun Salutation (A) Intermediate

    Philosophy – Evolution of Yoga

    Anatomy – Introduction to Skeleton

    Ashtanga Series Sun Salutation B

    Pranayama – General Guidelines

    Meditation – Dynamic Meditation 

    Day 4th 

    Vinyasa Flow – Sun Salutation (B) All Level

    Philosophy – Introduction of Patanjali Yoga Sutra

    Anatomy – Bone Anatomy

    Ashtanga Series Standing Sequence 1

    Pranayama – Mudras

    Meditation – Om Meditation 


    Day 5th

    Vinyasa Flow 1 + Warm Up Session

    Philosophy – Introduction to Raj Yoga

    Anatomy – Important Name of Human Skeleton System

    Ashtanga Series Standing Sequence 2

    Pranayama – Naadi & Sitting Posture

    Meditation – Tips to Improve Concentration 


    Day 6th

    Vinyasa Flow 2 with Sun Salutation A & Sun Salutation B

    Philosophy – Objectives of Yoga

    Anatomy – Angular Movement

    Ashtanga Series Standing Sequence 3

    Pranayama – Jal Neti Shatkarma

    Meditation – Trataka (


    Day 7th
    Vinyasa Flow 3 – Standing Posture

    Philosophy – Obstacles of Mind

    Anatomy – Introduction of joints & functions of all joints

    Pranayama – Yogic Breathing

    Ashtanga Series – Standing Sequence 4  

    Meditation – Body awareness 


    Day 8th
    Vinyasa Flow 4 – Leg Balancing Posture & Arm Balancing

    Philosophy – Introduction Karma Yoga

    Anatomy – Synovial

    Ashtanga Series Standing Vinyasa Jump

    Pranayama – Kapalbhati

    Meditation – What is Mantra? 


    Day 9th

    Vinyasa Flow 5 – Hip Opening

    Philosophy – Introduction to Trigunas

    Anatomy – Types of Synovial Joints

    Ashtanga Series Sitting Vinyasa Jump

    Pranayama – Naadi Sodhna

    Meditation – Why should we meditate ? 


    Day 10th

    Vinyasa Flow 6 – Back Bending

    Anatomy – Types of Cartilage

    Ashtanga Series Sitting Sequence 1

    Pranayama – Ujjai Breathing

    Philosophy – 8 Limbs of Yoga

    Meditation – Om Meditation 


    Day 11th

    Vinyasa Flow 7 – Inversion

    Ashtanga Series Sitting Sequence 2

    Pranayama – Bhastrika

    Meditation – Nada Meditation 


    Day 12th

    Anatomy – Palvic Gurdel

    Ashtanga Series Sitting Sequence 3

    Pranayama – Bhramri

    Meditation – Mantra Maouna 


    Day 13th

    Anatomy – Ankle Joint

    Ashtanga Series Sitting Sequence 

    Meditation – Obstacles in Meditation 



    Day 14th

    Anatomy – Wrist Joint

    Ashtanga Series Sitting Sequence

    Meditation – Yoga Nidra


    Day 15th

    Anatomy – Knee Anatomy

    Ashtanga Series Sitting Sequence 6

    Meditation – Roles of Concentration

    Day 16th

    Ashtanga Series Sitting Sequence 7

    Anatomy – Elbow Joint

    Meditation – Antar Bahir


    Day 17th
    Anatomy – Spine

    Ashtanga Series Sitting Sequence 8 (Reclining 1)

    Meditation – Ajapa Japa 


    Day 18th

    Anatomy – Muscular System and Function

    Ashtanga Series Sitting Sequence 9 (Reclining 2)

    Day 19th

    Anatomy – Types of Muscles

    Ashtanga Series – Finishing Sequence 1


    Day 20th

    Anatomy – Skeleton Muscles Properties

    Ashtanga Series – Finishing Sequence 2


    Day 21st

    Anatomy – Skeleton Muscles Properties

    Ashtanga Series – Finishing Sequence 2


    Day 22nd

    Anatomy – Major Muscles

    Anatomy – Types of Muscles Contraction

    Pranayama – Introduction to Pranayama 

    Ashtanga Yoga – Sun Salutation A & B 

    Vinyasa Flow – Sun Hatha 


    Day 23rd

    Pranayama – Yogic Breathing  

    Ashtanga Yoga – Standing 1st 

    Vinyasa Flow – Moon Salutation 


    Day 24th 

    Pranayama – Bramari
    Ashtanga Yoga – Standing
    Vinyasa Flow – Flow  


    Day 25th

    Pranayama – Nadi Sodhna
    Ashtanga Yoga – Sitting 1st (
    Vinyasa Flow – Flow 2 

    Day 26th
    Pranayama – Shatkarma
    Ashtanga Yoga – Sitting 2nd
    Vinyasa Flow – Flow 3 

    Day 27th
    Pranayama – Five Kosha
    Ashtanga Yoga – Sitting 3rd
    Vinyasa Flow – Flow 4 

    Day 28th

    Pranayama – Bhastrika
    Ashtanga Yoga – Sitting 4th
    Vinyasa Flow – Flow 5 

    Day 29th

    Pranayama – Sheetal
    Ashtanga Yoga – Sitting 5th
    Vinyasa Flow – Flow 6

    Day 30th

    Pranayama – Jal Neti
    Ashtanga Yoga – Sitting 6th
    Vinyasa Flow – Flow 7 

    Day 31st

    Pranayama – Ida (300 Hour)
    Ashtanga Yoga – Sitting 7th
    Vinyasa Flow – Second Week Flow 1  

    Day 32nd 

    Pranayama – Swana Breath
    Ashtanga Yoga – Sitting 8th
    Vinyasa Flow – Second Week Flow 2
    Anatomy – Intro to Nadis  

    Day 33rd 

    Ashtanga Yoga – Sitting Posture 9th
    Vinyasa Flow – Second Week Flow 2
    Anatomy – Kundalini  

    Day 34th

    Pranayama – Kapal Bhati
    Ashtanga Yoga – Finishing 1st
    Vinyasa Flow – Second Week Arm Balancing
    Anatomy – Palvic Gurdel  

    Day 35th

    Ashtanga Yoga – Finishing 2nd
    Vinyasa Flow – Second Week Hip Opening
    Anatomy – Panch Kosha 

    Day 36th

    Ashtanga Yoga – Finishing 3rd
    Vinyasa Flow – Second Week Back Bending
    Anatomy – Prana 


    Vinyasa Flow – Finishing
    Anatomy – Shoulder Joints 


    Anatomy – Spine
    Anatomy – Synovial Joints
    Anatomy – introduction to skeleton sysytem
    Anatomy – Digestive System 


    200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Daily Zoom Classes – Course Syllabus


    Ashtanga Yoga Postures
    Sun salutation A
    Sun salutation B
    Standing sequence postures
    Seated sequence postures
    Finishing sequence postures
    Mysore style/ use of yoga props/ Teaching practice


    Hatha Yoga/ Vinyasa Flow
    Sun Salutations
    Standing & Balancing Postures
    Seated Postures
    Prone Postures 
    Supine Postures 
    Back-bend postures
    Inversions Postures 

    Yoga Philosophy (Yoga Darshana)
    What is Yoga & It’s history ?
    Lifestyle of a yoga practitioner.
    What are Yoga sutras/ 8 limbs Of Yoga ?
    Introduction of srimad bhagavad gita.
    Understanding all 4 paths of yoga-
    Karma Yoga
    Bhakti Yoga
    Gyan Yoga
    Dhayan Yoga
    What is hatha yoga ?
    What are trigunas ?
    What is ego ?
    Freedom from unhappinees.
    Realizing pure consciusness.
    Stories of the enlighten yogis. 


    Introduction to meditation
    Guided Meditation
    Breathing Awareness meditation
    Body awareness Meditation

    Om meditation
    Mantra Meditation

    Trataka meditation 
    Dynamic meditation
    Tips for developing concertation
    Silence Practice

    Ajapa jap
    Antar mouna
    Yog nidra


    Yoga Anatomy & Physiology 1st week
    Meaning & Importance / Introduction of anatomy & physiology
    Directional terms of anatomy
    Introduction of skeleton structure & functions
    Bone anatomy & human skeleton system
    Important names of human skeleton system
    Angular movements of human body
    Assignment paper submission/ activities/ exercises

    Anatomy 2nd week
    Introduction of joints
    Function of all types of joints
    Anatomy of synovial joints (Knee)
    Types of synovial joints & their functions
    Types of cartilage & connective tissues
    Pectoral girdle introduction & functions
    Pelvic girdle introduction & function
    Ankle & wrist joints
    Assignment/ Activities/ Exercises.

    Anatomy 3rd week
    Introduction & Importance of anatomy
    Human Cells, Types of Tissues, Organs
    Digestive system in short
    Respiratory system in short
    skeletal system in short
    muscular system in short

    4th Week
    Presentation on any topic to anatomy teacher.
    Assignments & activities.


    Pranayama (Breathing Practices)
    Introduction of Pranayama

    Benefits of pranayama

    General guidelines

    Clavicular Breathing 

    Thoracic and Diaphragmatic Breathing

    Yogic Breathing

    Ujjayi Pranayama 

    Bhastrika Pranayama 

    Kapalbhati Pranayama 

    Nadi – Sodhana Pranayama 

    Bhramari Pranayama 

    Surya Bhedi & Chandra Bhedi pranayama

    Sheetali & Sheetkari pranayama 

    Mudras (Yoga Gestures)
    Jnana mudra
    Chin mudra
    Bhairava mudra

    Yoga Bandhas (Energy Lock)
    Mula & Maha Bandha

    Yoga Cleansing (Shatkarma)

    Sitting postures for pranayama sadhana
    Easy pose
    siddha yoni asana


    Yoga therapy-
    Concept and fundamentals of Ayurveda
    Meaning, definition and principles of Ayurveda.
    Tridosha meaning and functions.
    Agni types and functions.
    Ama meaning and types.
    Trimalas types and relation with tridosha.
    Triguna importance and attributes.
    Fundamental Relation of triguna with Tridosha.
    Saptprakarti attributes, qualities.
    General functions of saptprakarti and their characteristics.
    Mithahara definition and meaning
    Fundamentals and importance of satavic diet.
    Categories of food and its explanation.
    Diet according to position of sun.
    Saptprakarti and Tridosha diet.
    Therapy and dietary needs for arthritis.
    Therapeutic use of Asanas for Disc herniation.
    Therapeutic use of Asanas for back problems.
    Osteoporosis treatment and therapy.
    Asthma’s problematic area and cure.
    Sinusitis therapeutic cure.
    Irritable bowel syndrome therapy.
    Therapy for constipation problems.
    Therapeutic use of meditation for Depression.
    Therapeutic use of pranayama for Anxiety Disorders
    Therapeutic use of shatkarmas for Migraine.
    Therapeutic use of pranayama for Amnesia disorder.

    Evaluation are based on
    Live practical test
    Live written test