Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Bali with Exotic Destination

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Yoga Retreat in Bali 


Bali has always remained an exotic destination for the tourists across the globe. The small country has so much to offer from the fun at beaches and the most luxurious and relaxing yoga retreat in Bali. The retreats are located far from the city life in the middle of the rice fields. The people living in those areas are really helpful apart from providing you an accommodation, they give you wholesome health retreat experience. 

Surrounded by the sea and barren volcanic hillsides, Bali is an island and a province of Indonesia. It is surrounded by a few smaller islands of Indonesia notably, Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan. According to the national survey of 2014, the province of Bali is home to the 4,225,000.  Past surveys claim that 83.5% people follow Balinese Hinduism, followed by 13.4% Muslims. The number of people adheres to Christianity are 2.5, and 0.5% people follow Buddhism.  

Bali witnessed an upsurge of tourists after 1980, and since then it is a popular tourist destination. Tourists contribute 80% of the Bali’s economy. People come here to enjoy surfing and diving, historical and a many of archaeological attractions depict the culture of Bali. The province is famous for arts, traditional and modern dance, painting, sculpture, metalworking, leather, and music. Tourists come to learn yoga in Bali since it provides a tranquil and soothing environment for yoga enthusiasts. 

Bali Culture

Bali finds its cultural roots back 2000 BC. Paintings, woodcarving, sculpture, handicrafts and performing arts are some Bali’s widely known sophisticated art forms. The performing arts depict the stories of Hindu mythology Ramayana but from the perspective of Bali and heavy Balinese influence.  The Balinese population is extreme devotional and spiritual. Unlike India society, Balinese don’t discriminate on the basis of caste though it is founded on the Hindu caste system. Sundras, Wesias, Satrias, and Pedanas are four castes that form the Balinese population. 

The Culture of Bali

Bahasia Indonesia is the national language of Indonesia, but here every caste has its language. Classism exists in Bali as it has two classes: Subak and Banjar. Subaks are the ones who control the rice planting and make sure that all farmers have access to water for irrigation. Banjars are in-charge of lives of Balinese such as cremations, marriages, community service, and festivals. 

Balinese cuisine is distinctive and has a blend of spices with fresh vegetables, fish, and meat altogether. India, China and some other nations of Asia have influenced the cuisine of Bali. Many festivals showcase the rich arts and cultural features like Neypai Day, Pager Wesi, Kite festival, Galungan & Kuningan, Rice Harvest Festival, etc. 


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