Meditation – To Remove Negativity From Your Life

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“The mind is everything What you think, you become….”



How do you feel today? Happy / sad? Anything you are hoping for? To get your answers to these questions, just go back a step and assess them. Negative thoughts or pessimism only bring a low self-esteem, sense of rejection, added failures and unwanted ailments. So discard negativity from your life immediately by adopting yoga and meditation.

Meditation – an ancient practice

An ancient practice since the sands of time, Meditation is both a science and art that slows down the mind while rejuvenating the body and soul from within.

Meditation- popular among celebrities!

This popular practice has reached out to one and many that include celebrities , politicians , business tycoons and comedians too. The celebrities list features Madonna, Kate Perry, Hugh Jackman, Clint Eastwood and many more.

Meditation – a cure for all diseases?

No, not necessarily. But yes, meditation does gradually have a healing impact when practiced regularly. If you are someone who has not practiced this art before or if things did not work out for you, then read on to see how you could try out something apart. Learn more about how meditation helps to cope with life and deal with the negative vibes.

1. Open Monitoring Meditation

As per an interesting research conducted by the University of Southampton, this type of meditation has proved to be effective in suppressing negativity and obsessive behavior patterns. Frequent practices lead to the controlling of the emotional outbursts and changing perspectives.

2. Amygdala Functionality

In a foremost advance research conducted by Harvard in 2010, it was found that stress and negative thoughts inflict chaos upon “Amygdala”, – a group of nuclei that is almond shaped , situated in the temporal lobes of the human brain. This section of the brain is the seat of emotions such as anxiety, fear and mood swings. When during the research, yoga and meditation was introduced as an intervention technique to counteract the stress, the results were worth the effort as they articulated the traditional theories on meditation, whose continuous practice along with Yoga poses like “Savasana” led to a reduction of the size of Amygdala while enlarging the space volume of the other components of the brain that were linked to optimistic changes in the mood.

A simple technique to try a brief meditation practice for 20 minutes:

1. -Seat yourself in a comfortable position.

2. -Close your eyes

3. -Place your hands on your thighs.

4. -Breathe in slowly , count from 1 to 10 with each inhale and exhale and then go back to one. (sequenced as : inhale 1….exhale 2……inhale….3 …… and go on)

5. -Thoughts may come and go . Let that happen. Just keep in mind to let go and not cling on to them.

6. -A though may interrupt your count. If so, then go back to your breath to restart the count from 1.

Meditation – a proven fact

As scientifically proved by researchers, Yoga & meditation are effective in helping people to combat unreasonable situations of life. So, let go off all your anger , stress and other negative emotions by making meditation a daily habit.

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