Yog Nidra

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Yog – Union | Nidra – Sleep
[Sleep of union with our true blissful self]


Yog Nidra is a state of consciousness where practitioner is aware of sub-conscious mind awareness and higher consciousness.

Through practice of Yog Nidra we bring our sub-conscious mind aware to conscious state.

1. In working state most of us are in sub – conscious mind awareness, identifying much with collection of memories, ratio in this state between thoughts & memories is – 60% thoughts energy 40% conscious energy. When in our body conscious energy is shattered, there is lack of peace, Relaxation – mostly restness or unrest.

2. Conscious state – In this state Ratio between conscious energy & 20% thoughts energy. In this state we are relax and aware towards unconscious reactions – aware towards thoughts.

3. Higher conscious – 100% pure consciousness beyond the influence of subtle I-ness, time, space, memories 


Important note – Reaching higher awareness or consciousness alone through practice of yog nidra is not possible – It’s a technique just bringing consciousness in center. Conscious state or in other words freeing energy from thoughts, when energy is not identified with thoughts it rests in it’s true thoughtless state but when one is conscious he is aware that there is higher consciousness. 


Steps to reach higher Consciousness – (Eight limbs of yoga).

Sub Conscious Conscious
StateState of

Practice – In the practice of yog nidra we rotate attention into each part of the body by instructions of instructor to bring awareness in center by freeing it from thoughts – relaxing the body, the mind / breath.

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