Upavistha Konasana (wide angle seated forward bend)

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Namaste and welcome back again to our Ashtanga and Vinyasa class.

in today’s class we are gonna learn about Upavistha Konasana that how will perform this posture and how we will get more benefits from this posture so let’s begin so from downward facing dog as usual our all poses will go from downward facing dog only bend your knees and jump open your legs wide as much as you can

open just open your legs wide you can like according your flexibility you can keep your legs in 90 or 120 degree grab your both feet or your big toes you can also grab your feet inhale look front lengthen your spine keep puling your spine up and while exhalation just try to touch your belly chin and chest in the mat and hold their for 5 counts 1,2,3,4 and 5

now you have to do go for Upavistha Konasanad B in Upavistha Konasana B you have to balance on your hip so just inhale come up and straight your legs balance on your hip lift your tail bone high keep looking up don’t curve your spine like this just keep a spine straight and hold 1,2,3,4 and 5

now again come front cross your legs lift yourself up and exhale jump back into chaturanga inhale upper facing dog and exhale downward facing dog just hold relax so I will show you that how you can just increase flexibility on your adductor muscles on your hamstrings because it’s requires flexibility on your muscles of your legs and even on your hip joints also so you can just do this exercise

open your legs and you can start by doing this exercise try to touch your feet from out with your opposite hands when you are like comfortable you can open your legs more and you can also after completing your few sets of this you can just move fit your fingertips so your hip joints will rotate while going forward

so just try this where ever you feel like that it is stretching the pain is not bearable just stay there and hold their as much as you can hold and then come back so this exercise you can try so your adductor muscles get that flexibility to do this Upavistha Konasana so thank you everyone for watching me today Namaste take care.

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