Yog Nidra

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Yog – Union | Nidra – Sleep [Sleep of union with our true blissful self]   Yog Nidra is a state of consciousness where practitioner is aware of sub-conscious mind awareness and higher consciousness. Through practice of Yog Nidra we bring our sub-conscious mind aware to conscious state. 1. In working state most of us are in sub – conscious mind awareness, identifying much with collection of memories, ratio in this state between thoughts & memories is – 60% thoughts energy 40% conscious energy. When in our body conscious energy is shattered, there is lack of peace, Relaxation – mostly restness or unrest. 2. Conscious state – In this state Ratio between conscious energy & 20% thoughts energy. In this state we are relax and aware towards unconscious reactions – aware towards thoughts. 3. Higher conscious – 100% […]

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