Karma yoga (the selfless service for the welfare of the society)

By Yoga

Karma yoga means every action for the welfare of the society, actions without expectations, actions without the sense of (I) ego, when actions are performed according to karma yoga it unites us to our true self, it helps the whole society to grow with good health, peace, and prosperity, unless and until we are into the influence of ego (I) our actions will always have their consequences over us, we won’t be able to free ourselves from the continuous cycle of pain and pleasure neither ego will allow us to understand who we are that is why it is necessary for all of us to make sure to perform (karma + yoga) every action selflessly so that we can live every action so that (I) individual awareness can become (U) universal awareness, if we won’t practice it none of the other yoga practices will work for us to find the life, to find the yoga, the (Union) of body, mind with the spirit 💫