Sivananda Yoga – How Can Help You Improve Your Health

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Sivananda Yoga


Sivananda Yoga – Benefits & Yoga Teacher Training In India


SivanandaYoga is based on the teachings of Swami Sivananda Of Rishikesh. Yoga in India has evolved over the time, and Sivananda also developed new asanas and practices. It finds its root in Hatha yoga, but it has a classical and holistic approach. It emphasizes the physical well-being and health. The same format of Sivananda Yoga is practiced internationally. It involves frequent relaxation and focuses on full and yogic breathing.


shivanda yoga benefits
Basic Sivananda Yoga Poses Aanas give your inner self a Treat give Treatmet.


Origin of Sivananda Yoga

Swami Sivananda was the founder of this form yoga which he developed in the 1930s. He also founded an ashram in Rishikesh. He was well-versed in English that’s why a large number of western students come to India to study yoga.

Later in 1936, he founded the Divine Life Society in Rishikesh which organized and disseminate his teachings. Swami Vishudevananda, his disciple, took Sivananda yoga to the west in the late 1950s. He established Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center in Montreal, Canada. He played a crucial role in making Sivananda yoga popular outside India.  Sivananda training centres have been established across the globe to propagate the yoga teaching of Sivananda.  Swami Satchidananda was another disciple of Sivananda who founded Integral Yoga.  There are many yoga teacher training in India under the name of Sivananda.


Aim of Sivananda Yoga

Sivananda Yoga aims to strengthen muscle groups of the body and also intended to tone it.  The practice maintains the vitality of the body, reduce the chance of disease by naturally cultivating the body and slow the decaying process. It promotes spiritual, mental and physical well-being.

If someone had a great interest in Indian philosophy, then you will definitely enjoy Sivananda yoga. Join a yoga school in India to learn this yoga form.


Physical, Mental & Spiritual benefits of Sivananda yoga practice

Sivananda Yoga has some real benefits including:

  • Sivananda yoga emphasizes spirituality and positive thinking that’s why this yoga is worth for stress relief, self-empowerment, and meditation.
  • Sivananda yoga is recommended for old people who seek to restore or reenergize the body and boost vitality.
  • Sivananda yoga enhances the flexibility of the muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons.
  • It also stimulates circulation.
  • It strengthens the strength and flexibility of the spine which keeps the body youthful.
  • It makes the muscles strong of the muscular system and flexible.
  • The skeletal system making the body aligned.
  • Breathing system, cleaning out your lungs.
  • It helps in making your digestive system strong.
  • Endocrine system affecting all your glands.
  • Paschimottasana, an asana in Sivananda yoga reduces fat in the abdomen and a great posture for obesity.
  • It has some benefits in making your nervous system health.
  • During one of its asanas, the thyroid gland is stimulated which plays a substantial role in metabolism, nutrition and growth of the body.

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    Sivananda yoga uses ancient methods of yoga, Sun Salutations or Surya Namaskar was called the best exercise to cleanse the body. It decreases the chance of disease and retains the vitality of the body. The system philosophies are summarized in five principles: Proper Exercise (Asanas), Proper Breathing (Pranayam), Proper Relaxation (Savasana), Proper Diet (Vegetarian) and Positive thinking, and meditation.

Those who are taking yoga in classes in Rishikesh know that Sivananda yoga incorporates diet and positive thinking in every class.

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