Best Yoga Courses in Russia

Himalayan yoga association - yoga retreat in Rishikesh, India
Himalayan yoga association - yoga retreat in Rishikesh, India

Best Yoga Courses In Russia - Himalayan Yoga Association


If enlightenment is what you seek and yoga is your passion, then enroll yourself into one of the best yoga courses in Russia conducted by the Himalayan Yoga Association – the ideal choice for yogis and yoga aspirants.  Equip yourself with the necessary know-how and skills needed to learn and teach yoga to the world through a yoga teacher training program under the best yoga courses in Russia offered by the Himalayan Yoga Association.  We offer courses on yoga teacher training of 100 hours, 200 hours, 300 hours, and 500 hours for professionally oriented enthusiasts and yoga retreats of 3 days, 6 days, 9 days, and 11 days for the not so professionally oriented who just want to deepen their yogic practices and take a short break from their routine chores. So just choose from our best yoga courses in Russia according to your needs and aspirations. What makes us stand out is our authentic teachings of the ancient yogic practices under the tutelage of highly qualified and experienced student-friendly yoga gurus. There also awaits a great opportunity for you to meet, interact with and be a part of a diverse global yoga community of like-minded individuals. The best part of our best yoga courses in Russia includes food and accommodation, and other add on’s such as excursions, enjoying cooking classes, and more to make your experience and stay during your chosen course program, a pleasurable one. Become a part of our Himalayan Yoga Association family and gain membership of a lifetime!

Here are the list of our Best Yoga Courses In Russia, & World-wide.

Why Himalayan Yoga Association is the Best Place for Yoga Teacher Training?

Yoga asana purifies every single part of the gross & subtle bodies- make it part of your daily lifestyle to live everyday healthy and peacefully. ( By Yogi Himanshu )

What started out as an alternative therapy to regain health turned out into a way of life for Yogi Himanshu.  Starting out as a sportsperson, he got introduced to Yoga while facing a health condition and it was the first step towards his life-long commitment to the ancient Indian practice.

With every step, as he delved deep into the principles of Yoga as developed and popularized by the great yogis, monks and saints over thousands of years, an intense inner transformation started. It seemed like divine inspiration guided him to achieve each of his milestones in a span of just 5-6 years of his yogic life. Still a simple man, Yogi Himanshu with his magnetic pull attracts students from all over the globe who benefit from his deep understanding of the discipline.

Over the years, Yogi Himanshu has been mentoring budding yoga teachers and instructors in the holy city of Rishikesh. It has been the most satisfying journey for him understanding the connection of body, mind and soul.

The founder of Himalayan Yoga Association and Bali Yoga School, Yogi Himanshu along with his team runs yoga courses and yoga retreats across the world – India, Bali, Costa Rica, Germany, Thailand and Cambodia. He is also in the process of building a dedicated Meditation Centre located at a picturesque location in Rishikesh where students from across the world are expected to be enrolled.

An unconventional Yoga guru, and one of the youngest yoga teachers in the world, Yogi Himanshu loves to experiment with various techniques of yoga and meditation and also introduces his students to Indian Classical Music through kirtan nights and mantra chanting.  Besides yoga teaching, he loves to play Harmonium and Dholak. He teaches Meditation, yoga philosophy, Teachings of Maharishi Patanjali’s yoga sutras and that of Bhagavad Gita. He believes in teaching aspects of Yoga in an interesting and practical way so that it is easy to implement them in life.

In a mind that is often dominated by unending chatter and thoughts, Yogi Himanshu discovered his inner voice and chose the way of life that suited him. Apart from being the expert of his subject matter and Masters in Indian & Western Philosophy, his real learning came from observing life as it unfolded before him, the practical aspects of it, rather than just the theory.

Yogi Himanshu considers nature as his best companion and loves to do farming, running, spending time in the solitude of nature and the company of people.

He is a people’s person and loves being of any use to them even outside his field of yoga in whatever way possible. He cherishes his own company all the same and enjoys being in silence and observing the world. Living a simple life, accepting things as they are, and appreciating the beauty of the present moment has made him closer to his inner being, away from the thought chatter.

This young Yogi is not deterred by fears that block the progress of the human soul and advises people to do the same. His advice to people: “Live your dreams because life is short but remember that life is not perfect but by accepting it as it is, you make your living perfect. Yoga helps to put things in perspective and makes you choose joy over worldly things that are making you miserable. It makes you understand your power, strengths and capabilities as it brings you closer to yourself.”