Yoga Mudra, How to use and Benefits

By Yogayoga mudra, yoga mudra benefits

Yoga Mudra, How to use and Benefits

Detach yourself from the chaos of life. Relax and unwind as you discover your true self from within. Feel empowered. Tap your inner wisdom.Let enlightenment surround you. Find peace within.

The term mudra is used to denote a “gesture” , “mark” or “seal.” When we practice these symbolic gestures with our hands and fingers, it is known as ‘ yoga mudra.’ These mudras ease the energy flow in the body and you feel your journey within to be enhanced. So explore these mudras as you go step by step while adding a new edge to your practice when you meditate or perform pranayama.

How Yoga Mudras Work


The hands have different areas which are connected to other areas in the brain and the body. When our hands are placed in the yoga mudras, these different areas get stimulated and a specific energy circuit is created in the body. Thus , by doing the same, we are able to foster the reaching of a specific or particular state of mind.

The Five Elements Within Us

There are five elements that constitute the universe. Each of our five fingers represents each element which are as follows:

  • Thumb – Fire, universal consciousness
  • Index finger – air , individual consciousness
  • Middle finger – akasha, connection
  • Ring finger- earth
  • Little finger- water

When there is an imbalance in these five elements, the body experiences disease. To create a balance among these elements within the body, mudras are used as one of the ways. To know more about their benefits, read on :


Gyana Mudra

A gesture of knowledge, this mudra is said to increase concentration power and enhance one’s creativity.


Shuni Mudra and Benefits

Shuni Mudra

This mudra is said to symbolize discipline and patience. It fosters feelings of stability and can be used when there is the need felt for additional force to keep up with our tasks .



Surya Ravi Mudra benefits
Surya Ravi Mudra benefits

Surya Ravi Mudra

Representing health and energy, this mudra lets us feel a sense of balance. It also works handy when we want to lead a life with positive changes.




Buddhi Mudra benefits and how to do
Buddhi Mudra benefits and how to do

Buddhi Mudra

This mudra symbolises openness and communication by bringing together the two elements- fire and water. Your intuitive knowledge can be strengthened by this mudra.




Prana Mudra benefits
Prana Mudra benefits

Prana Mudra

Activate your dormant energy that is within your body with the Prana mudra. Symbolising the force of prana, this mudra fosters the flow of energy and makes you feel strong and energised.




Dhyana Mudra

The calming energy that you need while meditating is provided by this mudra.It is useful for reflection and deep contemplation.



Anjali Mudra pose benefits
Anjali Mudra pose benefits

Anjali Mudra

Love and gratitude are expressed through this mudra.

How to use Mudra?

These mudras can be used while practicing pranayama or meditating. You can chose the one that you feel you are connected to most of the time or each time or it can be used depending on what feeling you want to generate.
Adopt yoga and meditation in your life to bring about self-awakening and balance in your mind, body and soul.

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