How to Improve Concentration? Tips and Benefits

By Himanshu JoshiYoga

How to Improve Concentration?

Concentration or Dharana, is the sixth limb of Yoga. Dharana is a stage before meditation. Concentration is the intention of meditation that requires to stay focus in one pointe without distractions from the senses and the outside. Concentration needs to be effortless, however, concentration requires effort. Every task requires a certain level of concentration. Without concentration nothing is possible.

  • Concentration is only possible when the body is relaxed. One way to improve concentration is removing any physical tension. In order to achieve deep concentration, the muscles of the body need to be in a state of relaxation.
  • For an effective concentration the body needs to be relaxed. A good way to relax the body is by taking a deep inhale, tense the whole body, and release the tension with the exhalation. Yogananda recommendation is about tensing and relaxing besides the regular breathing techniques before the practice of meditation. This way we can get a better concentration.
  • Praying is a good start before meditation, it helps to concentrate and remind us why we are meditating. We invoke the divine or our higher self to help with the practice. Chanting mantras helps to concentrate for beginner practitioners.
  • Sitting still is a great way to practice concentration. For instance, when the body is in movement sends energy or life-force and awareness into the muscles. The intention of Yoga is to bring that energy inwards. Therefore, any physical movement reduces the chances of concentration by drawing  your energy to the body.
  • Sitting still for long periods of time really helps to concentrate. For example; a glass of Water with sediments becomes clear if it is let undisturbed with the time. Think about the body still as a rock, solid and unmoving.
  • Another particular way to concentrate is by gazing between the eyebrows. The spiritual eye is the seat of the deep concentration in the body. It’s a natural way to focus. It’s a good practice to keep the eyes gentled lifted without any strain, during meditation. You will improve your concentration.
  • The practice of the sacred meditation technique called Hong-Sau, consciously withdraws the energy from the body, giving room to focus and interiorize in the mind.
  • Asanas are basic to gain physical straight and be ready to hold a posture for a period of time and stay focused and concentrate in meditation. Perhaps sitting against the wall may help. Practice will make it better and better.
  • Surrender to the practice of meditation is key. Indeed, there are many ways to build concentration. That’s the beauty of Yoga, there is something always something unique for everyone. We can learn from others new tips for concentration.