Top 5 Amazing Hatha Yoga Benefits

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An ancient style of yoga originating back a over thousand years, ‘Hatha Yoga’ can be interpreted as “union of the opposites through a force.”

This  power-packed and transformational practice trains the mind and body on postures (asanas), gestures (mudras), breath (pranayama), locks (bandhas), cleansing process (Shat kriyas)  and meditation sounds (nadausandhana), and magnifies the physiological roles of our body while preparing it to attain a steady mind and realize our divine end.

  • ‘Hatha’ is a  term originating from the break-up of the Sanskrit “Ha” and “Tha” that represent the ‘Sun’ and ‘Moon’ correspondingly.
  •  Hatha Yoga can be referred to the science that balances the solar-lunar and the opposite pair  that is present  within ourselves. 
  • Establishing this balance creates greater intimate relationship with the Self. 
  • As per the consecrated transcripts of Hatha Yoga, it is an art that opens up the ‘Sushumna Nadi’, which thus  awakens the Kundalini – a route to  higher levels of perception and enlightenment.

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With its assorted practices, Hatha Yoga  adds to your life the golden assets of  health and happiness, while harmonising the mind, body and soul. The postures involved in Hatha Yoga postures works wonders for the muscles, organs, as well as the  mind and soul. Here’s how:

Healthy Heart:  When followed religiously, hatha yoga postures help to control hypertension which is one of the chief source of heart related problems including heart attacks. Hatha Yoga  promotes the flow of blood to the heart while decreasing the probability of anginal episodes ,thus leading to a heart that is hale and hearty.

Greater Bone Density: The various yoga postures under the system of Hatha Yoga such as the  Tree Pose, Triangle Pose, Warrior Pose, etc., aid in capsizing bone loss through the  enhancement of   bone-density. Healthy bones play an important role for people of all ages when it comes to minimizing the risk of bone fragility being developed – a condition called  ‘osteoporosis’ and ‘osteopenia’. Daily practice of Hatha yoga can help build bone mass.

Clear, glowing  Skin: Under Hatha Yoga practice, ‘ Shat-kriyas’ detox  the body from deep within. The postures also act  as purifying agents while getting the body rid of unwanted toxins  and adding a peachy glow to the skin.

Develops Core Strength: This form of yoga can be adopted to fortify the  core of the body which comprises of  the midsection that includes  the erector spinae,  traverse abdominis, lower lates and obliques. To abstain  from injuries, and for the manifestation of  a strong body–it becomes crucial to have a flexible and strong core.

Lubricates the Joints: The various joints of our body are benefitted by Hatha Yoga as it helps them get going full fledged. For those who have stiff joints, this form of yoga effectively improves their mobility and makes them more flexible.

Thus regularly inculcating the practice of Hatha Yoga impacts our overall well being – physically, mentally and spiritually Considering the multifold benefits of Hatha Yoga ,  keep practicing it to balance your life perfectly and stay healthy and happy.