Human Personality Mindset Types (Three Gunas) – Sattvik | Rajshik | Tamsik

By Yogarajsik, sattvic, tamsik, tri gunas

Our behaviour is a mirror of our personality which is distorted and vitiated by various physical, internal and external factors. Resistance to disorders depends on the personality traits of a person. It has been said that you are what you look, your body is what you eat and your mind reflects how and what you think. There are three types of traits viz. Sattvic, Rajsik and Tamsik which determine the behavioural pattern, mental status, eating habits, body formation and appearance of a person.


Sattvik : Persons who are sattvik have pure mind, clean conscience, sensible, sympathetic, philanthropic, wear decent dresses, are soft spoken, mild, amicable, accommodating, are simple and straightforward. They eat only the finest food articles, are vegetarians, abstain from intoxicants and love whatever is good. In short, they are, by far, the best of human species, and nobility personified. Such persons, though rare, are by no means, extinct. They are true in word, deed and thought. Being straight-forward, they are not liars and pretenders. They are excellent. Wishers and advisers. They become popular due to their virtues and qualities of head and heart. They do not harp much on sexual matters.

Rajshik: These people are rash, obdurate, haughty, ill and rash tempered, get enraged even on petty matters, are rough and tough bosses but bad subordinates, due to their dominant and dashing approach to life. They are hard nuts to crack. They have a penchant for various non-vegetarian food and delicacies, are short and hot-tempered. Health-wise, they love to maintain good physical standards, are fast work executors. Rashness, fastness, speed, alacrity, instant bouts of rage, valour, quick decision are some of their traits. They do not reveal much in licetions and sexual matters but, at the same time, have no abhorance or aversion there. They make good rulers, warriors, fighters, soldiers, policemen, etc. Their rash and instant behaviour often land them in dilemma and awkward situations. In short, they are the real ‘Quicker’ rest and slouchiness is alien to their nature.

Tamsik : These persons are totally at variance with the sattvic and rajsik traits. Such persons revel in sexual matters and are horrible indulgence in sexual acts. They are easy-going people and do not wish to attend to any mental and physical activity. They love to eat too much and lavishly, are gluttons, debauches, alcoholics, smokers, drug addicts. In short, they love to indulge in famous ‘3-Ws’. For rest, gluttony and sex indulgence they can sacrifice anything. They shurn hard work and labour. They are easy-going, jovial, accommodative and lenient. They make good and sincere friends and are helpful also. They are sluggishness personified.