Yoga Nidra | Yogic sleeping (Shavasana)

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Yoga Nidra | Yogic sleeping (Shavasana)

(Sleeping state
(Sub-conscious state)
(Waking state)
In this state one is dissolved into the lap of universe
state of relaxation + awareness but the presence of ego is still there
Conscious about things, others, consciousness is divided into many things


Q- What is the difference between in the state of yoga nidra & the state of meditation ?

Ans- Yoga nidra (Shavasana) is the blissful state of relaxation where one brings un-conscious mind into sub-conscious state of mind & the state of meditation is state of realization, realization about the reality of the whole universe.

In the state of yoga nidra (Shavasana) due to awareness or alertness one is unaffected from any negative thought but awareness of the body, mind, prana is there.

In the state of meditation consciousness becomes universe consciousness, one dissolves into the universal consciousness, egoist identity is broken and human being rests in his unmodified true nature.

Important points-

  • Practice of yoga nidra (Shavasana) brings awareness, alertness, relaxation in the body & the mind by following breathing awareness practice.
  • Practice of yoga nidra (Shavasana) brings unconscious state of mind into sub-conscious state of mind where by practitioner can become aware about the life inside & outside, practitioner becomes aware about surrounding around him & can accept the reality as it is without getting disturbed.  Things to know before starting the practice of yoga nidra-
  • Take shower or wash your face and feet’s, it will bring sense of freshness in you.
  • Wear loose comfortable clothes.
  • Keep one blanket to cover yourself during the practice if weather is very hot you don’t require then.
  • Keep door or window open while practice.
  • Lie down on mat and don’t use anything inside or upside the body, body should be completely flat on floor.

Instructions on yoga nidra (Shavasana) (Now begins practice of yoga nidra)

  • gradually lie down on savasana (Dead pose), give yourself one minute to be relaxed & comfortable, turn both palms upwards, keep one feet gap between both hands & feet’s.
    bring awareness and attention on your breathing, try to feel it in more subtle level, in more deep level, feel the draw of energy it as you inhale & feel it as you exhale ( you are energy, not body nor mind). 
  • Practice breathing awareness for at least 10 minutes unless the prana (Breath) flows naturally. 
  • Now bring your awareness on your gross body, bring your attention on toe of your right feet and relax it, now relax the fingers of your right feet, relax sole of your right feet, relax your right ankle, relax your calf muscle, relax your right keen, relax your right thigh & its muscles, relax your back, relax your right shoulder, relax your right elbow, relax your right palm, relax your right thumb, relax fingers of your right hand, relax your neck, relax your right ear, relax your forehead, relax your head, relax your eyebrows, relax your left ear, relax your jaw, relax your neck, relax your left shoulder, relax your left elbow, relax your left palm, relax your thumb, relax your fingers, relax your back, relax your left thigh, relax your left keen, relax your left calf muscle, relax your left ankle, relax your left feet sole, relax your left feet fingers, relax the toe of your left feet, now relax the whole body. 

Now bring your attention in the flow of prana (breath), feel the energy going in & out, feel the alertness and awareness, now you are not the body nor the mind, your are immortal universal energy, feel the raise of energy above the body and the mind, feel the body & the mind lying down on the floor and you are separate from these.

now bring your whole awareness on your third eye and feel awareness, light inside you.
Now make a firm commitment in you to live meaning conscious life and daily practice of yoga nidra before you sleep.
now gradually bring your attention on prana (breath) then gradually on the gross body, feel the body, feel the mind, feel prana, feel surroundings, feel all voices.
Now the session of yoga nidra has been completed, now you are more aware, more alert, more life- full.

OM shanti, shanti, shanti hi.

Writing based on practical practice of yoga nidra ( Guided by Himanshu ji).
Copy right © 2018 by Himalayan yoga association.

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