Thyroid Gland & Para- Thyroid Gland

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The thyroid is next only to the pituitary gland in order of supremacy. It is a red-colored gland, situated at the backside of the throat, bilaterally divided. It is directly related to our digestive system and helps to convert food into flesh, blood, marrow, bones, and semen. It is also related to reproductive organs so as to guide the sexual desire towards enjoyment, to keep genitals in proper condition, and to regulate menstrual periods.

It also affects the regulation of micturition (storage and flow), oxygen, and expulsion of carbon dioxide gas. It provides sustainable energy to body organs by supplying necessary secretion in order to regulate respiration, maintains the proper balance of calcium, iodine, and cholesterol so that bones grow properly wounds heal quickly, and blood flow is also normal. Slow, harsh, sweet, and rough conditions of voice are all also attributed to it, apart from controlling alacrity or clothes, cruelty, and compassion, sobriety and rashness, joy or sadness, or other various traits of an individual’s behavior.


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In marital relations, it also plays an important part, as men and women having a variable amount of thyroid secretions cannot have happy conjugal, sexual, and family happiness. It also controls obesity or else causes the same.

It acts like a battery if it discharges much energy we get tired, fatigued, and obese but, if it discharges its energy, in far excess, we feel depressed, tense, agitated and our body weight also falls down. Its discharges also provide the energy to the body to withstand weather changes and conditions i.e., it builds up resistance to outside impressions and effects.

Hyperthyroid activity can cause a reduction in weight and capacity to withstand weather changes, lowering of the body heat and temperature, too much sweating, nervosity, and resistivity, as a result of which a person will become short-tempered, get excited and agitated even on petty matters, hypersensitive, instant or quick changes in mood.

Due to deficient or absent thyroid activity, the children (and adults even) develop a weakness for the excessive use of sweets, toffees, chocolates, sweetmeats and sugar, mental and physical retardation, other physical distortions, lack of development of genitals, behavioral disorders.


Para – Thyroid Gland

It is situated behind the thyroid gland in the throat – one each on either side, numbering four in all. They are full of blood thus help in maintaining proper balance among all the chemicals in the blood.

Its secretion helps to maintain equilibrium between phosphorus and calcium. Its unbalanced activity can lead to cramps in muscles. Suitable proportion and dissemination of calcium in the blood are very essential in controlling the flow of blood cholesterol, in fortifying nerves, and motor activity of the muscles. Excessive presence of calcium in the blood will result in calcium deposits in kidneys, leading to stone formation, when the deposit is in muscles it gives rise to rheumatism, and finally if deposits in joints give rise to arthritis.

Angry dispositions can cause cessation of its activities and too much tension may cause even paralytic disorders. Tracts like patience, co-operation, and stability indicate its normal functioning.