Yog Nidra

By Yogayog nidra

Yog or yoga- union (union with true self)

Nidra- Sleep (sleep of union with self)

Therefore aim of yoga nidra practice is to bring it’s practitioner closer to “True self” – blissful- illuminating conscious state of the self.

Q- Difference between in state of yoga nidra& state of meditation ?
Ans- Yoga nidra is state of mind, through sincere or continuous practice of yoga nidra practitioner can up-lift his state of mind to fully conscious state of mind but not to the state of meditation unless he/ she has already realised or been to the state of meditation.

State of meditation is state of self-realization, It is not the state of mind, it is state of self “illuminating self”, realization of universal consciousness, universal self, freedom from the cycle of life and death.

Q- Is it possible to realise the state of self “Realization of true self” through the practice of yoga Nidra ?
Ans- Yes in advance stage of yoga nidrapractice separateness between self & mind can be realize and this realization can be used as vehicle in day-today activities whether worldly or spiritually to reach the final stage of self-realization.

However It is always recommended to practice yoga nidra as preliminaries to go deepen or to go deep into the practice of meditation, alone with practice of yoga nidra reaching the higher state of self-realization is quite difficult unless you are advance enough in your spiritual practices.

Mind is very small aspect of vast consciousness, consciousness is wisdom-full and has huge ability to work alone without mind or collection of memories/ information. Briefly explanation over mind- mind is nothing expect collection of past memories or information, it is working through the help of vital energy or prana shakti. Prana shakti is part of universal energy therefore consciousness is part of universal prana “shakti”.

Important point– In the practice of yoga Nidra we rotate the conscious energy or awareness into each part of body to relax or heal it. Daily practice of yognidrabrings us to the state of stillness (tranquillity) such awareness, stillness helps us to realise our true nature (Peace) !!!


Instruction on yognidra is available in link below

Om shanti, shanti, shanti !!!!!


Date- 26/9/18
Written by – Himanshu joshi

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