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Why do we choose yoga teacher training in Rishikesh when yoga teacher training courses are available all around the world ?

This is one of the very important question that every new or experienced yoga practitioner who has not been in india before or in more particular Rishikesh (The world capital of yoga) ask’s, Why should I choose Rishikesh , what’s so special is there, why it attracts every yoga practitioner, is it rat race like running behind one another just because place has gotten its name as (The world capital of yoga) or what’s there, I want to come out from this unnecessary suffering I am going through in my life, I want to be free from it and I want a way to come out from it so is it right to come for it ?

Ans– It’s answer is definitely yes, Rishikesh is always right place to practice yoga or any other spiritual practice, it got it’s name from the blessings of the great masters who selected rishikesh as their permanent abode, Himalayas as their spiritual father and ganga as their spiritual mother, it’s their blessings, many years of sincere austerity and their immortal energy that makes Rishikesh as the most preferred place to practice yoga not only in india but in the whole world.

One of the very special factor is, rishikesh is india’s one of most important 
pilgrimage that specially known from centuries as (Tap bhoomi) means (Tap- meditation & bhoomi- place) therefore best place to practice yoga or austerity to realize one true self.

There is stillness, oneness, purity, in rishikesh atmosphere that connects 
people with their true source and quickly they find it as their real home. There is some connection in the energy of rishikesh, one can easily feel immense love of mother ganga & Himalayas, unity in all living beings and living things despite rapid development that’s going on in the world or mad race in humans to becoming the most perfect, we find our real home in Rishikesh.

These are some of very important facts that makes rishikesh always most 
preferred place to practice yoga or union with the universal self.

Based on these facts you can choose rishikesh for deepen your yoga practice, there are also many yoga schools offering short term yoga courses not only for yoga teachers instead for all levels of yoga practitioners, there are also many yoga ashrams in rishikesh so it is nice opportunity to feel serenity of Rishikesh through these yoga courses in Rishikesh.

It’s the dream of millions so let’s make it true.

Written date- 26/9/18
Writer- Himanshu joshi

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