What is meditation ?

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The word meditation is English translation of Sanskrit word (dhayan) which means awareness so therefore the aim of meditation practice is to free the human from the grip of past and future compulsive thinking and being aware of the present moment. 

Present moment is not part of our collective memories, it is space-less, it is time-less, it is raising from universal energy. Energy and conscious are one word not separate from each other. Being aware of present moment is to being aware of life force (prana) our real identity, when our whole being become one with Prana, we attain blissful conscious state, this is called thoughtless state, this is called inner awakening, this is the state of meditation and this is meditation. 


Often people ask, who are we ? If we are not the body nor the mind and no past/ future memories so what are we ? 


It’s answer is we are vital energy (prana), the body, mind, memories are a very small aspect of the vast consciousness. We all living beings and living things are alive because of universal energy, without it our body and mind is nothing but just sand. 

We are able to see the body and feel the body because of the life force (prana) following within us which is part of universal force therefore our consciousness is not limited but universal. So to being in the present moment is to being aware of natural flow of breath (prana), it is key to liberation from the false self (Ego) therefore meditating on breathing is first and final step on the path of meditation. 

Words of enlighten beings

When the buddha was asked by a person about the practices to get enlighten, his answer was just being aware of your breath- the gautama buddha 

“There is neither Past nor Future. There is only the Present.” ― Ramana Maharshi


Past and future are dreams, the present moment is the only reality, try to make the present divine- swami sivananda 


Article Writer- Himanshu joshi (Spiritual teacher)

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