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Om Shanti welcome to Himalayan Yoga Association once again before starting our session let’s start the session with the prayer coming to the sitting posture keep your back neck straight aligned relax your body gently close your eye go into your posture go into your asana once your

body is relaxed inhale and exhale from the belly now inhale for the three time Om along with Shanti take a deep prolong slow inhalation for the Om

Shanti Shanti Shanti’hi

Feel the vibration and sensation join your both palm rub your palm place on your eyes feel the warmness very slowly while blinking looking at your palm gently open up your eyes with a great smile and say Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti to all let’s begin the session so in previous session we

talked about the Agni the types of the Agni Jathar Agni, we discussed in detail and how it’s linked with the Tridosha then we talked about the Trimala and how the Tridosha is affecting your Agni and affecting your Malas as well right everything is linked now today we gonna talk about the Ama what is Ama ? and how it’s affecting your saptdhatu for types of

The Ama it’s produced by your body okey that’s also we gonna discuss about it like the body which is the whole body system is affected by the Ama how it possible ? so we gonna understand the link because right now we are we are trying to understand that why the deases are forming why psychosomatic physiological or psychological deases are formed for their

should be a you know imbalance and how the imbalance one imbalance is affecting the other parts of the body okey so let’s begin so Ama Ama means the literal meaning of the Ama is the Toxin the toxin which is created by your body and how it’s created so it’s created because of when

your Tridosha is imbalance it gonna affect your kitchen it means your Agni, Jathar Agni would be affected you either have the Vishama Agni Tikshna Agni or The Mandagni on of the agni you’re having it it’s a imbalance agni it means fire is not perfectly working once there is no fire

you know, your fire is affected then it’s gonna affect your digestive system you not properly digesting the food no matter how rich diet you are having but there is no fire to cooked it then food remaining in the body for longer period of time it’s not digested properly by your body fits

remain there stuck there it remain in your digestive tract and because your agni is imbalanced your Tridosha is imbalanced it affect your trimala it’s not properly come out your waste is not properly come out then the food particles which remain in the body many many years of the food

particles are there half of the remove you go for poo but many particles are stuck because of our wrong sedentary lifestyle and wrong diet pattern pleat around we gonna talked about i so this merge this procedure because Mala is not properly coming out waste is not properly coming out

then your body is producing the Ama the toxin start rotate before particles start rotate within the body the toxin which is when it’s remain into the body for longer period of time it reaches to the blood stream and another parts of the body and then you get the deases the autoimmune

diseases Cancer vitiligo may be liver Cirrhosis kidney Bladder issues you will get any kind of problem because of the Ama heart cardiovascular related issues you will get respiratory issues it can be any problem you will have because Ama reaches when it makes with the bloodstream it can

reach everywhere and your brain also it can damage the brain cell so this is the Ama which affecting your whole your body system to understand how it’s happening this how this procedure is happening you have to understand the saptdhatu Saptdhatu is seven body tissues seven body

tissues so seven types of which is made of the food whatever food you are consuming that’s making your body tissues you know every part of your body is made of the your cells made of the food your D.N.A made of the food that is Annamaya kosha Annamaya kosha means the layer of your

body which is made of the food so that Saptdhatu which directly linked with the Ama what happen first let’s begin with the understanding the meaning and these Saptdhatu function Rasa one you have the food the first meal you are having it that rasa is you know food when you eat you

chew food properly in your mouth through your mouth right then it reaches passing through the esophagus tube your food pipe reaches to the stomach then there acid which break the food into the small particles HCL then it converted into the chyme the liquid the liquid called Rasa the

liquid make Rasa the food which become liquid it’s make rasa Rasa means plasma of your body then this Rasa we called uncooked Rasa uncooked I’m talking about the one meal okey so uncooked Rasa is formed it takes five days for uncooked your Jathar Agni is playing role here uncooked

Rasa becoming the cooked Rasa five days it take five days for uncooked Rasa converting into the cooked Rasa five days then that cooked rasa the final essence of the cooked rasa made Rakt made Rakt Rakt means Blood your blood is formed by the cooked Rasa then Rakt another five day it will

takes a cooked rasa converting into the Raqt final essence of the cooked Rasa converting into the Rakt digesting after it this digested another Agni is playing role digesting cooking more then 5 days another 5 dyas it will take to become Rakt then Rakt is like blood Blood essence of the blood essence of the blood formed Mamsa Mamsa what is Mamsa is the muscle

tissues your muscles tissues is formed then essence of the muscle tissues another 5 days again agni is working there another types of agni there’s a fire would be there to proceeds to you know you’s cooked more when again agni is functioning this mamsa forming the essence of the mamsa

the muscle tissues making the Medha Medha Medha is what fat tissues another 5 days it will take it’s make the medh Medha mamsa forming the essence of the mamsa making the medha fat tissues then Medha another 5 days more it will take and become Asthi Asthi is Born you skeleton

system is formed or repaired or grow whatever so essence of the Medha making the Asthi born then Ashti another five days it will take essence of the Asthi the born make Majja Majja is bone marrow bone marrow which you know produce the red blood cells store the fat that’s formed Majja

bone marrow you have two types of bone marrow red and yellow that’s formed then essence of the Majja Last Dhatu is formed Dhatu is like your semen reproductive fluidsovum and the semen last the semen is produced the ovum is produced and we waste these things like that total the one

meal is properly digested by your body it take 35 days to 40 days 35 days to 40 days properly absorbed this procedure is very much important in understanding that why your Tridosha is imbalancing why your agni is imbalancing because we have the wrong life style we doesn’t know how to

eat because we continue eating so we disturbing this making now we are not giving time to ourself we are not giving sufficient time to ourself for digestion so like immediately you are eating right one meal you had it breakfast after 2,3, 4 hour you are having lunch atleast 8 hours you

should give the gap between in the two meal so one food properly digest and then that cooked Ras would be produce, i mean uncooked ras would be available there that uncooked ras would be become the cooked ras we have to give the sufficient time to ourself but what happen when these

procedure is disturbed because of our over eating and back to back eating or multiple eating times we disturbed this procedure and then uncooked ras would be digested by our body and then reaches to the rest of the Dhatu where this gonna reach like if it’s uncooked ras become the Rakt

mix with the rakt it you get the problems of the rakt then it reaches to the mamsa more deeper level it’s gonna go more you get the problems and it’s more become they fickle to provide the treatment so this is the Ama in each and every level if Ama is reaches to the Rasa why Ama is reach because Uncooked ras is digested and then it’s onverted into the Ama it

become toxin for your body that uncooked ras when is not properly cooked then it become rotate, it become Ama toxin for your body and then it reaches to the each level of the dhatu more deeply the Ama is going it mix with your body tissue and reaches to the bone more difficult

to provide the treatment even in the ayurveda then treatment would be prolonged but if it’s remain in your stomach in your digestive tract you can clean that you can take it out the Ama through the Shatkarma practice cleansing practice shankh prachalan kunjal these practice you

can do to remove the Ama from your body but when it’s mix with the rakt then is very difficult to treat so this is all about and agni is cooking this whole thing every level you required the agni so this is the ama connecting with the saptdhatu and it’s linked with the Tridosha Tridosha

imbalance your agni gonna imbalance your trimala properly not coming out then it’s affect your saptdhatu saptdhatu is affected Ama is produced and which slowly and gradualy make you sick you get many many disease because Ama is formed in your body and why it’s formed because we disturbed this procedure this is a major part why you are having the Ama

in your body so we gonna end the session here let’s end the session here with the three time Om and Shanti gently come into the sitting posture close your eyes observe your alignment take a deep for long slow inhalation exhale inhale exhale and inhale for the Om
Shanti Shanti Shanti’hi

Just feel the vibration and sensation join your both palm rub your palm place on your eyes very slowly while blinking looking at your palm gently open up your eyes with the great smile and say Om Shanti Om Shanti so Om Shanti to all bye bye take care bless you meet you in coimg session.

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