Tridosha and Triguna By Yogini Durgesh Ji

By Yogahealth, Tridosha and Triguna By Yogini Durgesh Ji

Om Shanti let’s start the today’s session with that prayer with the three time Om and Shanti take a deep breathe come into the sitting position close your eyes exhale inhale and exhale now inhale for the Om

Shanti Shanti Shanti’hi

Feel the vibration and sensation join your both palm rub your palm place on your eyes feel the warmness very slowly while blinking looking at your palm gently open up your eyes with the great smile and say Om Shanti Om Shanti welcome to the Ayurveda Class Today let’s topic is Tridosha and Triguna we gonna talked about it and how these two

are linked so in previous session we discuss about the definition literal meaning, history principle of the Ayurveda and the purpose of the human being these things we covered right till the now not not today from today we gonna understand but ayurveda talks about that what is a cause of you know having the problems the diseases what is a main

cause so ayurveda believe the the cause of all kind of problems psychosomatic physiological psychological is imbalance of the Tridosha what what is a Tridosha I explain you but because of imbalance of the Tridosha we have the problems the diseases are forming in imbalance this Tridosha the literal meaning of the Tridosha is

Tri means three and dosha means quality your qualities your attributes you how you look like your eyes, your eyebrows your cheeks, your color of the skin your texture your frame of your body, you know your soul your you know, height your width the way you look like and the way you behave these are decided by the Tridosha so Tri dosha, dosha is like is your quality, your attributes, your nature your characteristic, there’s no

synonyms which in English which can define these dosha so i’m that’s why i’m explaining so Tri means three types of characteristic qualities so major is Vata Pita and Kapha pronunciation Vata it’s not Vata Vata Pita Kapha Ka pha Vata, Pita and Kapha So Vata, Pita and Kapha is the basically which is prevalent in you and the outside world the whole cosmo is created by this Tridosha it isn’t in season it isn’t your lifespan the

Tridosha it is in the day and the night so even environmental factor which climate is changing it’s because of the Tridosha the day and night there’s a you know the changes in the day and night temperature is because of the Tridosha we gonna talked about it this Tridosha is formed the formation the composition of the Tridosha is from

Panchmahabhoot Panchmahabhoot which linked with the Triguna i have write it down Triguna three qualities again three qaulities which making the qualities of what qualities of the matter qualities of the maya qualities of the prakriti many name all the many philosophy use different different names in metaphysics they use, they have use

like matter we use this word matter in English but in Sankhya Karika they have given name the prakriti and adi shankaracharya call maya different name so it doesn’t matter name is same name is different but function is same So Triguna the quality of the matter quality of the prakriti quality of the maya so this whole universe has three

qualities three Guna three qualities major qualities what are Sattva, Raj and Tama Sattva, Raj and Tama Sattva in the environment bring the harmony peace calmness this is the quality of the sattva which is within you and the outside in the environment then movement activeness is the quality another quality of the matter and the prakriti and

the maya there’s a movement there’s a movement is going on within you you are moving your body your mind is moving everything is moving around you the movement is happening because of the Raj Guna Sattva Guna give you harmony within your body you feel relax, calm, peaceful that is because of Sattva Guna outside environment when

environment is calm, relax that is Sattva Guna then Tama Tama Guna is related to the darkness lethargy, lazy, pause stability pause in the movement that is a Tama, because of the Tama Guna so you required all three guna you don’t required only one guna you required all Triguna because this is the quality of the matter so when the matter has the

quality like stops, still stillness, when still stillness is there in the matter or in the prakriti or in you you are able to sit I’m sitting here I’m not when i am not moving that is a quality of the Tama Tama because of Tama Guna I’m able to sit because of Raja Guna i can walk because of Sattva Guna i can feel relax in a harmonious So these

Triguna is within you and the outside the whole cosmo is created by this Triguna these Triguna is creating the Panchmahabhoot The Panchmahabhoot five gross element Panch five maha ( gross ) element bhoot element five gross element what are the fire the fire represent by your thumb which we call agni then index finger represent Vayu

Vayu is Air element then Akasha element Akasha Tattva is called space element then Prithavi tattva is called Earth element then Apa, Apa is Water element So these are the five gross element which is composing this whole cosmo even is it is a composition of the Atom the smallest tiny’s part of this universe is Atom which is not divided further on so this is the composition of the Atom So Panchmahabhoot this Panchmahabhoot

the five gross element in making the Tridosha composing the Tridosha so now come to the i hope you understand the Triguna Triguna is everywhere and so Tridosha is everywhere because it’s directly or indirectly connected to the Trigunaso most if we gonna talked about the qualities you can associate with these Sattva, Raja and Tama So

now come to the Vata the first dosha The Vata The Vata is formed of Vayu the air and the space and the location of the Vata element is below the navel though Vata is Prevalent entire your body from top to the bottom all kind of the movements in your body happening because of the Vata blinking of the eyes moving my hand talking eating

like chewing these every functions small to the tiniest tiniest moment to the big moment is happening in your body because of The Vata and there’s a types of the Vata but we not gonna discuss about it okey not going into that much detail So Vata just basic details i gonna talked about it So Vata functions to give you the movement tiniest

or the big movement and Vata is giving the movement to the entire world as well movement is happening because of the Vata whatever movement so it’s more related to the Raja Guna you can see indirectly and the composition of the Vata is Air and The Space Air quality is what to move right and movement happen in the emptiness when

there is a space how you gonna move yourself when there is a space right i can move my hand because there is a space there is a empty space So movement is gonna happen you can move yourself when there’s a space there’s emptiness and the location of the Vata in your body is below the navel below the navel part and function of the Vata in your body

providing you mobility the major function mobility now come to the Pita, Pita is composed by The Fire The Agni tattva and The Apa tattva Agni, Fire Apa, Water and location of the Pita is above the navel above the navel above from above the navel towards the chest this area the location of the Pita though Pita is prevalent entire your

body okey but there’s a major location we are talking about and there’s a types of the Pita as well but we gonna just talks about that major location of the Pita the function of the Pita in your body is digestion maintain the metabolic rate temperature of the body assimilation of the food absorbing the nutrition these are the function of the Pita in

your body even outside in the environment there’s a Pita prevalent heat in the environment observing because of the Pita Pita in the environment now come to the kapha Kapha composed by Kapha the pronounciacion is little bit tricky so that’s why

i’m saying Ka Pha okey kapha the kapha is composed by the prithavi tattva and the Apa tattva prithavi means Earth Apa means water so whatever solidity you are seeing in the outside environment and within you like hands you can feel it, you can touch it right the solidity the structure which i’m having is because of the Kapha the growth in my body

structure is because of the Kapha development in my body structure is because of the kapha then lubrication in my all the parts of the body or in the organs because of the kapha this is the major function of the kapha then location of the kapha is above the throat to the head from here to here this is the major location of the kapha So these are

the Tridosha, Vata Pita and Kapha now understand how this Vata, Pita and kapha is also prevalent in entire the cosmo it is within you that’s we talked about we talked about location we talked about the function okey but season also affected bit by the Vata Pita and kapha and why it is important because when season is gonna change it

gonna affect your Vata and Pita and Kapha like outside, like winter season like winter is Kapha Summer is Pita season and autumn is the Vata season so winter Kapha Season summer is the Pita season and the autumn is the Vata season then your age also divided when you born infant and child it is in the kapha age then when you enter into the

poverty you become rebellious very much like so much rebellious so much activity you are having you want to change the word because you enter into the Pita age then Old age is considered to be a Vata age then everywhere you your body is not able to you know move you can not do much movement you can not run people are running though

but not like when they do in the younger age when they used to be a young so these are the lifespan then day and night also divided into the Vata Pita and Kapha so before sunrise early morning is a time of the Kapha before sunrise and this is the time when one person should do the cleansing practice taking the bath doing the Shatkarma going

for the natural calls before sunrise because that is the time of kapha and you have to remove that body is easily can remove the toxin after sunrise is Pita time is start and when light is out then there’s a Pita time so noon time is a Pita time but when light is there Pita time is started then when sun is on the top then noon time is the Pita time

then when sun is about to set that is the Vata time and if you understand wind mostly blow during the evening time and during the autumn season there’s a lots of movement in the environment because of the Vata is domainatin then night is also divided this is the day, night so after sunset early night so after sunset early night is the kapha night

late night or mid night sorry midnight is the Pita night midnight always you feel little bit heat in the environment but most of the people during that time is sleeping but if you are capable to observe it’s heat it’s again the heat is increasing the environment Pita that is midnight is a Pita night then late night is the Vata night and that time again the

wind cyclone or you know, all kind of tsunami and these things happen in environment in the late night so day and night also divided into the Vata, Pita and Kapha so this is all about Vata, Pita and Kapha and these seasons age and their night timing is helpful to providing the treatment okey when we are giving the treatment to the person like if Pita

is dominant personality when Pita is dominant in you you feel more heat so when there’s a noon time you feel more heat compare it to the rest of the people and during the summer time you feel more heat Pita would be so outside Pita would be affecting you and when you are in teenage age if means three times Pita is gonna increased you

born with the Pita personality now you are living in the coastal side coastal area or may be there’s a lots of heat african african continent area right those places where lots of sun is available to you and then your Pita would be higher then the other one and during the specific time you feel more heat during the noon and during the midnight so

when we provide the treatment we consider if you born with the Pita, these are the factor we consider same with the Kapha children’s have you know nosy issue they always have the running issue running nose issue so when they are child they are in the kapha age they developing they are growing but that because they are enter into that age and during the winter child get more cold, flu because Kapha is increasing their

body so winter is affecting their body and they are in the kapha age and winter the season is affecting So these things we have to consider when we are providing the treatment i hope you understand these things okey so we gonna end the session here with the three time Om and Shanti come into the sitting posture keep your back, neck straight aligned take a deep prolong inhalation for the Om

Shanti Shanti Shanti’hi

Feel the vibration and sensation join your both palm rub your palm place on your eyes very slowly while blinking looking at your palm gently open up your eyes with the great smile and say Om Shanti Om Shanti so bless you guys bye bye take care of yourself meet you in the coming session.

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