Agni and Trimalas By Yogini Durgesh Ji

By YogaAgni and Trimalas By Yogini Durgesh Ji, yoga

Namaskaram Om Shanti welcome to the Himalayan Yoga Association before talking about the today topic let’s begin the class with the Chanting so come into the sitting posture keep your back, neck straight aligned relax gently close your eyes go into your posture your asana become

Comfortable once you are relax with in your posture move your attention towards your breathe the breathe which is going in and coming out now take a deep prolong slow inhalation deep prolong slow exhalation inhale and exhale from the belly now three time Om chanting along with Shanti take a deep prolong breathe for the Om
Shanti Shanti Shanti’hi

Feel the vibration and sensation join your both palm rub your palm place on your eyes very slowly while blinking looking at your palm gently open up your eyes with a great smile and say Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti to all So we talked about till now we talked about it we understand The

Tridosha that how the tridosha is connected with the Panchamahabhoot and how the panchamahabhoot is connected with the triguna so triguna is forming the panchamahabhoot the whole cosmo is made of the Triguna we discuss it what are the triguna Sattva, Raja and Tama these are making the 5 gross element ” Panchamahabhoot ” and combination of the

panchamahabhoot is making the tridosha so these are the linked directly and indirectly The Tridosha is connected with The Triguna now today we gonna talked about The Agni Agni means the fire literal meaning of agni is a fire so fire is in the outside world there’s a fire literal fire which burn everything around you but in your body there’s a fire also there’s a Agni

The fire there’s a 13 types of agni in your body which functioning different different things in your body but we not gonna cover all the types the most important types of agni today we gonna understand which play very crucial role very important role what are what is that agni that Agni name is Jatharagni the pronunciation Jathar Jatharagni there’s no you know

literal translation for that you can understand as a gastrointestinal juice or may be your digestive fire your digestive fire if i more elaborate when you feel hungry when you feel like oh I’m starving to the death that feeling is coming to you because of the jatharagni the hunger that feeling come to

you because of jatharagni and assimilation of the food absorption of the food is required Jatharagni so jatharagni is playing very important role breaking down the food into the small particles that’s also happen in your body because of jatharagni it is like a kitchen the fire in the kitchen if we

understand like your stomach is a kitchen so fire in that there’s a fire to cook the food that is done by the jatharagni so agni is prevalent in entire of your body entire your body you come to understand when we talked about the saptdhatu then you gonna understand entire your body but

major agni is basically located in your stomach and your small intestine though it’s everywhere so jatharagni Swami Vagbhata Ji explain in a ashtanga hridayam there’s a types of the agni there’s a types of the agni which basically directly linked with the tridosha directly linked with the

tridosha you come to know like talked about the types of the Agni right types of the jatharagni the first type of the agni, jatharagni is Vishama Agni you can see i have wrote it down ” Vishama Agni ” Vishama okey also focus on the pronounciation Vishama Agni Vishama means unstable

fluctuating onesometimes is high, sometimes is down Vishama Agni unstable, fluctuating up and down, up and down and this dominant in the Vata personality Vata dominant personality Vishama Agni is working So this these people sometime they feel hungry sometime they feel oh i’m

hunger sometime they feel like oh i have to eat it, sometime No i don’t want to so unstable agni that is even not good agni then second agni is Tikshna Agni Tikshna Agni okey Tikshna Agni which means high agni high high agni is like always hungry always hungry and this dominant in

the Pita Personality Pita dominant personality always hungry you have to give them food they just keep eating very high metabolic rate Tikshna Agni then third is Mandh Agni Mandh Mandh means slow slow very slow agni slow agni means like very little fire now they they eat but not quickly

gonna digest it will take time for them to digest the food and this work this agni dominant into the Kapha Dominant personality Mandh Agni is working In Kapha Dominant personality, Mandh Agni is working So if i’ll want to give you the example for example there’s a fire right like bon fire

you want to enjoy the fire right in order to get the literal meaning of itso we all love bon fire now you have collected everything, the wood and everything and you light the light right you love you wanted to like the wood you know now sometime it’s lighted, sometime it’s gone so it not

gonna burn the wood and whole day you’re just busying in lighting it and then now it gonna extinguish again lighting up again it gonna extinguish you not gonna enjoy the bon fire few seconds it gonna lighten up few gone you not gonna enjoy so unstable the fire is unstable then in the tikshna

agni what happen very high agni very high fame whatever would you have putting into the fire everything is burn and that high agni also you not not gonna enjoy the bon fire right can you enjoy the bon fire that is so much high flame whatever would you’re putting it’s just gonna consume very

quickly and you have to keep adding it there’s no time for enjoying sitting singing around the bon fire is become difficult The Mandh Agni very low flame now you put all the wood low flame of the fire it will take time to burn the whole wood trunk of the tree is very difficult it’s not very light flame very low flame like a candle flame the candle flame can not burn the

big chunk of the wood right is become difficult that’s also you can not enjoy can you enjoy the bon fire so you required what Samagni the last samagni the fouth one the balance agni sama means balance agni to enjoy the bon fire you required a perfect kind of flame right you can sit and do

do you are happy you are singing you are having your meal you can do whatever you want to do when flame is perfect moderate balanced so some agni you required so these three agni are imbalance agni okey which we called imbalance means Vikarit imbalance means Vikarit Vikarit

Vikarit agni Vikarit personality this imbalance agni is working functioning in the Vikarit personality means the person who is having the imbalance of the tridosha Vikarit those who are having imbalance of the tridosha they have imbalance of the agni and these three agni are the

imbalance agni so Vikarit personality these agni functioning where in vikarit personality then samagni is a one agni which functioning when tridosha is balance when all the tridosha is perfectly working and balance perfect in ratio then it’s functioning properly then your agni would be

functioning properly you have the balance agni and that balance agni is working in Avikarit Personality where tridosha is balance what we call Avikarit personality that we call Avikarit personality where tridosha is balance so there agni would be balanced agni is imbalance there tridosha

gonna be imbalance because kitchen is very much important play very crucial role in order to cooked the food if food is not properly cooked it not properly absorbed and when it’s not properly absorbed it gonna affect your rest of the body part your mental body even so your physical body is

affected your mental body is also affected and so it’s bringing the balance imbalance to the tridosha so this is all about of the agni now talked about the trimala Trimala Tri means three Mala means waste if we divide

Trimala in the two part Tri means three mala means waste Trimala now you whole body system having you know all the parts of your body it’s a creating some kind of waste waste is coming out from your ear ear wax right that is a waste of the ear then your nostri the mucus is coming out

from your nostril some waste is coming from your mouth then eyes then your reproductive organs your genital parts secreting certain waste then your pores of your body secreting the waste sweat then cellular waste carbon dioxide is what waste of the body each and every cells producing

the waste carbon dioxide the waste so these are main and your body is composed of trillions your body is a colony of the trillions of the cell right and each and every cell is producing the waste so actually every part of your body is secreting the waste body tissue are made of the cells so

different types of the waste you are having but ayurveda talks about the three important waste of your body which through that you diagnose the problem the first waste is your stool your poo second waste your urine third waste your sweat these major waste is affected when your tridosha is

imbalance your agni is imbalance your trimala gonna affected by that very simple example how the waste play very important role like once you get the constipation you constipated, NO the mala is there you can not think about practicing the asana, yoga other things your mind is fully there

constipated you can not properly secrete your poo so you fully constipated or indigestion you get your mala is affected so tridosha if tridosha is affected agni is affected because properly your your system, your kitchen is affected you are not properly digesting the food then your mala, the

waste the excretory system is gonna affect properly you are not you can not take it out the waste either you constipated you get the bloating or indigestion or you sweat lot you start sweating lot it means the body is giving the signal that something going wrong in your body the color of the

urine gonna change even what kind of food you are giving to your system like if you having the beetroot you know color of your pee and color of your poo gonna change immediately if you have the garlic and onion you sweat smell is gonna changed so it’s linked everything is linked and even

modern time’s people a modern doctor you know even if you visit to the ayurvedic doctor and the yoga therapist they diagnose the problem by observing you go for the stool checkup and the urine checkup and even there’s a sweat checkup they check your sweating how much sweat is

coming out and how smelly it is in african countries even many tribal life they use it to diagnose the diabetic so in asian time they use they tell to the patient to pee on the ant colony so if ant is you know leaking the pee of that person it means he is having the sugar high sugar in the pee he

diagnose with the diabetes in asian culture there is no test, you know now we have we do have the test same thing now we are using technology but these waste is play very important role very important role because once is affected your whole mind is gonna be disturbed like people who get

nervous of like public speaking or like when they are going for the interview they oftenly have the urge they increase the urge of pee or the poo or they start sweating tension and nervousness is you know projected by their body this is connected to your waste system during the stress

time your body can not absorb the food and then your mala would be affected so in still modern science is implement even yes natural ayurveda unani paddhati other you know naturopathy they also use they also diagnose the problems of the human being by observing their mala but

even by paying attention towards your mala you can observe, you can diagnose yourself you can figure out, something is going change something is wrong within me because your urine telling you your poo is telling you your sweat is keep telling you that something is wrong is going

on so trimala so this is connected tridosha once tridosha so diseases form because of imbalance of the tridosha imbalance of the tridosha gonna affect your agni then agni would be affecting your trimalas okey trimalas directly connected to the tridosha once your tridosha is balance you have

certain kind of problem in your body you can diagnose by observing your stool your pee your sweat even cancer can be you know diagnose by observing your pee so that’s how directly it’s linked tomorrow we gonna talked about the Ama in next session Ama and the Saptdhatu and we

gonna talked about how it’s linked so let’s end the session here with three time Om and Shanti come into the sitting posture keep your back, neck straight close your eyes take a deep breathe exhale inhale exhale now inhale for the three time Om
Shanti Shanti Shanti’hi

Feel the vibration and sensation join your both palm rub your palm place on your eyes feel the warmness very slowly while blinking looking at your palm gently open up your eyes with the great smile and say Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti bye bye, bless you guys meet you in next session.

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