The Importance of Food

By Himanshu JoshiYogahealth, The Importance of Food

The Importance of Food

In addition to aforesaid tenets necessary to keep your body in good humour, food is the most important factor. Truly, speaking, we are what we eat or our food habits mould our mental faculties also. You can live without water for a few hours, without air for some moments and without food also you can survive, but merely survive.

When body is not nurtured and nourished with suitable foods, our body gives in, giving way to many health problems. If body is not in a healthy mind abodes in healthy body. A lot has been written and spoken about food, proper food, food fads fast fads, prohibited and acceptable and suitable foods.

But, all human beings as food allergies and reactions have a lengthy list of disorders. Naturopathy believes that most of our disorders stem from our wrong food habits and, vegetables and non-vegetable diets are both the culprits in this respect. 

Following points on food intake may be of help to the readers.

1. Take foods what suit you and that too, at the punctual time. If you have skipped      over a meal, there is no harm but overeating or making up for the diet that you have missed is neither wise nor advisable.

2. Avoid all diets which abound in or contribute formation of toxins because once the body is ridden with poisonous elements, your entire energy would be expanded in getting rid of them.

3. Avoid white sugar but the same may be substituted with jaggery and sugar cane juice.

4. Water of tender coconut will help to mollify acidity, restore normalcy to impacted bowels.

5. Milk and banana or milk and porridge is an ideal breakfast as it supplements and supplies the essential nutrients to the body besides being light and easy to digest.

6. Milk, curd, cheese and whey also help the body to purge out toxins from the body and also serve as mild and gentle laxatives.

7. Learn from animals who eat only when hungry, bask in sun or rest under natural shades of trees and plantations and they defecate once in a day only.

8. In raw spinach nature has furnished man with the finest organic material for cleansing reconstruction and regeneration of the intestinal. Tract.

9. Diet should be wholesome, nourishing, nutritive, full of fiber, moderate fats,milk products, and do not let your taste and food fads take precedence over your normal food habits and requirements. Hippocrates had advised that “let food be your medicine and not medicine be your food.”

10. In manusmriti it has been so beautifully written that “Pure food promotes mind and pure mind develops life and memory.

11. Any food taken should not retard and impede the process of elimination which includes excretion of faeces, urine and sweat, otherwise the toxins would again find their way to our blood stream.

12. Of all the animals horse is considered to be strongest animal who eats black grams or dal and cereals, grass, but never any meat diet. Horse keeps on standing and if it sits it indicates his diseased state.

13. Diet must be all the basis of all medical therapy.

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