Social Impact & Psychological Upsets

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Social Impact and Psychological Upsets

None of us can be a social-recluse, as it is the men who constitute a society. Society has no existence independent of men. Further, man constituted society for his own benefit and use not vice versa. Society furnishes image of men, their status, eating and living patterns, professions and customs. But the society, which was formed for the benefit of man, causes problems to an individual, he either buckles under its weight of customs and traditions or revolts. When we submit, we have to compromise with our conviction, conscience, principle of life and suffer even loss of image, reputation and status.

This abject submission, or we may call it a compromise, gives vent to self-brooding, self mortification, social seclusion and a feeling of being let down. It causes mental torture and psychic upsets. The great political thinker Machivelli of Italy had advised ‘To conciliate or crush’ and some modified a middle course ‘In order to crush, one has, at times, to conciliate also’. When we wish to crush, we overweight and overrate, but when we strike a compromise, we have to accept unconditionally and submit to wishes of others. Both the situations have inherent problems which trigger attacks in certain persons, mental agitation, peevish and haughty behavior, angry temperament, digestive disorders, insomnia etc.

Confrontation is replete with more problems on health count than compromise. It depends on the person’s traits, approach to life (optimism or pessimism), family peace, peace at place of work (all these have already been mentioned earlier), tradition, customs, etc. If our approach is sympathetic, humane, and considerate, we can take all changes in our stride, but when the mind is agitated and all the events, persons and matters seem to be going against us, we revolt, letting in state of Do or die1! In any case, extreme steps should always be avoided. If you feel you are unable to cope with the changed situation then it is better to seek advice from some wise person who might have gone through all such or many others ordeals.

Whenever in a fix, always approach a sincere confidant. In all probability, the suggestion or solutions, given by your confidant. In all probability, the suggestion or solutions, given by your confidant, may even avert extreme situations of crisis and confrontation. There is no substitute for a sincere, sobre, friendly and sympathetic advice.

It may be noted that psychic upsets can damage most of our vital organs and their functioning, apart from straining relations at various levels. All such upsets must be got attended to by an expert. In a particular odd situation, no two persons can act and behave in an identical manner, and that fall another. Learn patience, from a child, wisdom of life and time-tested recipes on morality from the aged persons, if you want to stay away from psychic upsets which are consequent upon on social disorders. Let not frustration drive you to despair and despondency.

Our temperate, haughty, angry and arrogant behavior disturbs secretions of endocrine glands which, in turn, cause not only mental and psychic upsets but also many health disorders (detailed above and earlier too) and, more often than not with irreversible symptoms. Let us not ignore the oft-repeated maxim that healthy mind resides in a healthy body only.


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