3 Days & 2 Nights Reiki Level 2 Course

Join us on a journey of self-discovery and healing by enrolling in our Reiki Level 2 course at the Himalayan Yoga Association. Unveil the profound history and definition of Reiki, explore the myriad benefits, and delve into the principles and responsibilities of a Reiki healer. With a curriculum that covers everything from the intricacies of nature and human beings to the concept of being alone and the details of the aura, our program is designed to empower you with transformative knowledge and practical skills. Don’t miss the opportunity to align your mind, body, and spirit, and step into a world of holistic well-being. Join us on this transformative path, where ancient wisdom meets modern healing. Embrace the art of Reiki and become a catalyst for your own healing journey. Your transformative adventure awaits – secure your spot today!

In a world where the pace of life seems to be on a perpetual sprint, Reiki invites us to hit the pause button, if only for a little while. It’s a reminder that healing doesn’t always have to come in the form of a bitter pill or a complex medical procedure. Sometimes, all we need is a touch – a touch that transcends the physical and reaches into the energetic fabric of our being.


So, the next time you find yourself yearning for a bit of balance or a moment of calm, consider exploring the world of Reiki. Who knows, you might just find yourself on a journey of self-discovery, guided by the gentle hands and universal energy that have been weaving their magic since ancient times. It’s not just about healing the body; it’s about nourishing the soul and embracing the dance of energy that connects us all.

The Essence of Usui’s Teachings: 

The essence of Usui’s teachings revolves around the Five Reiki Principles or the Gokai. These principles serve as a compass for living a balanced and harmonious life. They are something like this: “Just for today, I will not be angry. Just for today, I will not worry. Just for today, I will be grateful. Just for today, I will do my work honestly. Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing.” Simple, yet profound – like life advice from your wise grandma.


Usui’s legacy didn’t stop with him. Chujiro Hayashi, one of his students, played a pivotal role in spreading Reiki beyond Japan. He established a clinic in Tokyo, where he trained practitioners and even initiated a woman named Hawayo Takata into the Reiki lineage. Takata, a Hawaiian of Japanese descent, went on to bring Reiki to the West.

Reiki Level 1 course at the Himalayan Yoga Association:

Dates 2024

We offer our 3 Days & 2 Nights Reiki Level 2 Course throughout the month. Please email us to check the availability. We are always ready to welcome you.

Retreat Duration –  3 Days & 2 Nights

Retreat Fee –

150 USD
No Accommodation / No Food

250 USD
Private Accommodation with Food

Management team is authorised to make the necessary changes in the daily schedule if needed.

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Whats Included

  • Certification upon the successful completion of the course.
  • Course is certified by Himalayan Yoga Association Yoga Society.
  • Yoga mats and materials for all activities are available at the school (to be used in the classes only, not to be taken away).
  • Free high-speed WiFi throughout the school campus.
  • One full body Complimentary Ayurvedic massage.
  • Unlimited filtered drinking water.
  • Swimming pool access.
  • 2 Hours Reiki Session a day
  • Only to residential participants we provide a day before complimentary check-in, Check-in time after 2:00 pm
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About The Instructors

Yogi Himanshu Joshi ( Founder of Himalayan Yoga Association and Bali Yoga School )

Yogi Ji has been guiding yoga teachers and students for more than a decade. His inspirational journey from a sportsperson to a yoga guru attracts many students from all across the world. He is one of the youngest yoga teachers in the world who loves to experiment with yoga techniques. Besides teaching yoga, he is into musical instruments like Dholak and Harmonium. He holds a Master’s degree in Indian and Western philosophy. He is a simple man with a vision to change people’s lives through his knowledge and experience. He will facilitate the workshop on sound healing sessions and guide you on its basics.

Yogi Deepak Ji

Hatha / Vinyasa Flow / Shatkarma / Pranayama / Meditation/ Sound healing/ Reiki healing

Deepak ji is an immensely experienced yoga teacher based in the serene town of Rishikesh. Specialising in pranayama, meditation, and Hatha vinyasa yoga, Sound healing/ Reiki healing. Deepak ji brings a wealth of knowledge to his teachings. He holds the master’s degree in yogic science and is a 500 hours E-RYT. He has been teaching a variety of aspects of yoga in Rishikesh for more than 7 years.

His deep-rooted connection to Rishikesh, a place steeped in spiritual heritage, has shaped his profound understanding of yoga. With a gentle and patient demean-or, Deepak ji guides students on a transformative journey of self-discovery through the practices of pranayama and meditation. His expertise in Hatha Yoga encompasses the art of balancing physical postures, breath control, Sound healing/ Reiki healing and meditation techniques. His classes offer a sacred space for individuals of all levels to explore inner peace, mental clarity, and physical vitality. If you seek a seasoned yoga teacher in Rishikesh to deepen your practice and enhance your well-being, join Deepak on the path to holistic wellness and spiritual growth.

3 Days Reiki Healing Course Schedule