Pada Prasar (Legs Spread Intense Stretch of the West)

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In Sanskrit “Pad” means “legs”, “Prasar” means “Spread”, “Paschima” means west which refers to the “Back side of the body” and “Uttana” means “Intense stretch or extended” and means “pose”.  In English meaning is “Legs Spread Intense back stretch”.   Position : Sitting Type : Seated forward bend Spiritual Awareness : Mooldhara and Swadisthan chakra Physical Awareness : Back, hamstrings, chest, abdomen, shoulders. Extended stretch to the inside of the legs and muscles between the shoulder blades. Dosha Suitability : Vata and Pita can also benefit Introducery Asanas : Triyak Bhujangasan, Chakrasan, Matsyasan   Procedure: Sit with the legs spread apart as wide as possible. Interlock the fingers behind the back. This is the starting position. Inhale in the starting position. Turn the trunk to the right. Raise the arms up […]

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