Hatha Yoga – Achieve Mental Fitness

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HATHA YOGA Hatha Yoga Poses, Asanas & Sequences   Major physical practices come under the broad term of Hatha yoga. It is one of the most widely practiced yoga in India. Hath is a combination of two words- ‘Ha’ means Sun and ‘tha’ means Moon in Sanskrit. The practice focus to maintain the balance of these two energies- Sun and Moon- in you. Any kind of yoga that falls in between and outside the practice of Iyengar to Ashtanga can be called as Hatha Yoga.     Origin of hatha yoga The traces of Hatha Yoga take us to the 11th century, Grorakhnath who was the founder of Kanphata Yogis had created it. But this ancient yoga practice has seen immense contribution by Patanjali who wrote many Yoga-sutras and Mahabhasaya. […]

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