Hatha Yoga – Achieve Mental Fitness

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Hatha Yoga Poses, Asanas & Sequences


Major physical practices come under the broad term of Hatha yoga. It is one of the most widely practiced yoga in India. Hath is a combination of two words- ‘Ha’ means Sun and ‘tha’ means Moon in Sanskrit. The practice focus to maintain the balance of these two energies- Sun and Moon- in you. Any kind of yoga that falls in between and outside the practice of Iyengar to Ashtanga can be called as Hatha Yoga.



Origin of hatha yoga

The traces of Hatha Yoga take us to the 11th century, Grorakhnath who was the founder of Kanphata Yogis had created it. But this ancient yoga practice has seen immense contribution by Patanjali who wrote many Yoga-sutras and Mahabhasaya. Patanjali termed Hatha yoga as the eightfold path which consists of eight limbs and disciplines.

Patanjali has written 196 sutras (aphorisms) in Sanskrit in 400 A.D. There is many yoga school in India which takes inspiration from the Patanjali’s sutras.  Yoga does not take the only advantage which and neither it focuses on the one aspect of physical fitness. Most of the yoga schools don’t pay much attention towards Patanjali’s sutras and the modern day yoga teachers never look into the history and philosophy.

The aim of hatha yoga

The yoga talks about achieving mental fitness of a person. The hatha yoga aims to maintain a youthful body, awakening the potential energy (Kundalini-Shakti), developing physical and psychic powers (siddhis) and attaining enlightenment ultimately. It seeks to cure mental aggravation through meditation. One of its objectives is to guide someone on how to concentrate various subjects.

It let one energize his body and mind. There are many asanas in Hath Yoga which enhance mental stamina.

Physical, Mental & Spiritual benefits of Hatha Yoga practice

  1. Builds immunity

While doing yoga postures of Hatha Yoga, one can easily increase the drainage of lymph. It helps to fight infection, dispose of the toxic waste products of cellular functioning and destroy cancerous cells.  

  1. Relaxes the mind and releases tension in the body

Hatha yoga allows you to calm the mind and release tension while practicing the difficult poses. One needs to focus on the breadth for relaxation of his mind.

  1. Tones the spine

It helps to keep the spine supple, resultantly the nerves remain strong, and you’ll remain fit. Spine connects various organ systems to the brain.

  1. Increases flexibility

Hatha yoga works on increasing the elasticity of connective tissues and encapsulate the cells with the other organs through a network. This is the reason why it is good for increasing flexibility.

  1. Good Health

Good digestion, sound sleep, proper pulsation, perfect body functioning, timely elimination of wastes and happiness of mind are some of the benefits of Hatha Yoga.


There are many yoga retreat in Rishikesh which offers the classes of Hatha Yoga. It lets you feel spirituality, enthusiasm, and a strong sense of divinity. It develops the body and mind; there are many health benefits of hatha yoga. Since practicing hatha yoga is challenging. Therefore it is essential to perform it under the supervision of a trained yoga teacher.

Himalayan Yoga Association offers yoga teacher training in India, and it has an excellent place to learn the different aspects of yoga in India.

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