Which Yoga school is the best in Rishikesh, India?

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There are a lot of yoga schools in Rishikesh and so much information on the internet and on social media, about how to choose the best yoga school in rishikesh for your yoga teacher training. It could get confusing for you to choose actually the best and authentic yoga school. The reason why we keep highlighting this word – authentic – is because there are a lot of yoga schools and not only all of them are providing yoga as it is without getting affected by the trends of the modernly modified images of yoga. It is very important for everyone to learn and practice yoga as it is in the most authentic way possible especially if you are a beginner in yoga because without practicing yoga as it is, you could get into a totally different direction in your practice. You might be interested in learning and practicing some specific modern style of yoga, which is totally fine, but before getting into something modified by people, it is very important to establish an unshakable base with authentic knowledge so that you will not miss the most important parts of the traditional teachings of yoga that show us a proper way to go on a yoga journey step by step.

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One of the biggest reasons why we, Himalayan Yoga Association can call ourselves the most authentic yoga school Rishikesh is because we have been thriving to provide yoga in the most authentic way possible, yoga as it is, without getting influenced by the phenomenon of this modern world where trends keep changing all the time. The founder of Himalayan Yoga Association is Yogi Himanshu who started to establish and contribute to a lot of yoga schools in Rishikesh when there were not many yoga schools existed yet, and because of that reason, he knows all the top yoga teachers in Rishikesh. He is a yoga practitioner himself and he has a very clear and clean intention towards providing yoga to the people who come to seek for real happiness at Himalayan Yoga Association.
We have the best yoga teachers in their specific fields whom Yogi Himanshu has selected so that we can serve the best for all the classes we have in our yoga teacher training courses.

There are a lot of other aspects that determine the quality of a yoga school such as the facilities, the accommodation, the events and the excursions, the foods you get three times a day, the location of the school, and so on. Since we are very proud of our authenticity and the best yoga teachers we have, we also make sure all the other aspects exceed our students’ expectations and make their time with us a memorable time that can last for a lifetime.

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We have a very large space with a swimming pool, which is unlike in other yoga schools in Rishikesh. We have such a bright and tranquil energy in the school premises, away from the distractions and noises. The menu of the vegetarian meals we provide at the school to our students are carefully created to provide you a lot of nutrition that support their yoga journey. We hold weekday and weekend events and excursions where you get to experience conscious way of living and the best of Rishikesh as much as possible. Hygiene is very important to us. Our spacious accommodations are cleaned by our cleaning team thoroughly every couple of days, and the comfortability is assured.

We are very confident in what we offer, so you are most welcome to visit our school campus and we will give you a tour before deciding to enroll.