Tips to Improve Concentration During Meditation

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Firstly, the practice of asanas is a vital tip to improve concentration during meditation. In fact in the early days, āsanas were assumed precisely to aid the yogi in his practice of meditation. This is why āsanas were not meant to be stressful or strain the body. Rather, it is meant as a tool for the yogi so that she/he could meditate in a comfortable seated posture. Patañjali mentions that “sthirasukham āsanam.” (Posture is that which is firm and pleasant) Āsanas were not really the end goal in and of themselves. Rather, they were a means for the yogi to achieve a meditative state. Today, due to mechanisation, the average person is not nearly as flexible or strong as before. The practice of āsanas prepares the muscles, enhances our physical […]

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