How to meditate (When it feels difficult to do it)

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Meditation can be challenging for everyone but more so for beginners who can take some time before mastering the technique. Fixing a time and place for your meditation practice can ease things a bit and help your mind to get into an ideal space for dhyana. Distractions like people, noise, sound and music can interrupt your meditation practice and may make you feel agitated.

Here are some tips to follow when you are finding it difficult to meditate.

How to meditate (when it feels difficult to do it)
How to meditate (when it feels difficult to do it)
  1. One of the common problems beginners face is dozing off during meditation. When you close your eyes, focus on your breathing and try to concentrate on a single thought, mantra or point, there are chances you may drift away to sleep. To tackle this, it’s important to choose a space away from your bedroom with good ventilation and if possible, sunlight. This will make you feel active and chances of sleeping during meditation practice would be minimised. 
  1. Another issue during meditation is anxious thoughts. Many of us deal with stress and anxiety during our waking life and while doing meditation, all these emotions can come on surface and prevent us from focussing. When you face such a situation, you shouldn’t get discouraged or demotivated. Let the thoughts come to surface and use this time as an opportunity to acknowledge your anxieties and get to the root of the problem. Once you are able to do that, you will see significant improvement in your mental health and very soon you would be able to prepare your mind to meditate. You should remember that attempts to control the thoughts don’t help, but observing them does.
  1. When a doorbell rings or a child or family member demands attention, and it becomes important to address the situation at hand, you should do it without feeling any agitation. After dealing with the situation, you can return to your meditation practice and continue from where you left it. In case of multiple distractions, try to meditate for few minutes instead of skipping the practice altogether. This will make sure a routine is maintained and your rhythm isn’t broken. 
  1. There are times when all tricks fail, and you are just not able to quieten your mind. In such cases, guided meditation can be very effective. Ask a family member or put on an audio or video that can help you meditate with the help of a voice. Following other people’s instructions is sometimes easier and this can help you focus better.