Walking Meditation By Yogini Saumya Ji

By Yogameditation, Walking Meditation By Yogini Saumya Ji

Namaste everyone kindly come up on your mats sit comfortably keep your back and neck straight and very gently close your eyes start observing your breathe watch the natural flow of the breathing as you are inhaling and exhaling make sure that your body is properly aligned so keep your

back and neck straight face, neck and shoulder should be relaxe and slowly begin to deepen the breathing will be chanting Om three times followed by three Shanti’s inhale deeply for Om
Shanti Shanti Shanti’hi

Just observe the vibrations join your palms together and rub your palms together keep them on the eyes very slowly while blinking and looking at your palms begin to open up your eyes start coming back with the smile and Namaste to everyone we welcome you at Himalayan Yoga Association

I’m yogini Saumya and i will be conducting your session today so today we are talking about walking meditation yes and this is actually a form of active meditation So in your categorization of meditation you what’ve seen there is passive meditation and then there is active meditation okey

so this comes under active meditation so this technique is the correct way of walking okey so generally would see whenever you walk you know there is some purpose attached to that walking you know when you wake up and you want to attend your classes or go to school college go to work

you are walking in order to reach that place right or at the end of the day you walk back home right or you walk from one floor to the other right or may be at night you go for a stroll or early in the morning you go for a stroll in order to maintain your fitness or to improve your digestion right

but you will see we don’t merely walk yes It is so rarethat we do this activity just for it’s sake right we walk to get something to get somewhere but we don’t walk just like you know another activity in the day we generally have some destination or some target attached with and walking

meditation is just changing the way in which you walk changing the intention behind your walk okey so most of the times you’ll see one thing you don’t walk alone you walk in a group of people okey so walking meditation when we do walking meditation first thing we walk alone okey

we find our own pace okey and we become aware of the process of walking like when you guys sit close your eyes, you become aware of the process of breathing and that same way when you walk you become aware of the process of walking you become aware of each and every step that

you are taking okey and when you go deeper into this practice you become aware of the breathing as well you know the way in which you take your steps eventually you’ll see the breathing also gets synchronized and for much deeper practice if you are able to incorporate both of these things you can also go ahead and start becoming aware of the sensations on the

base of your feet right over here this region right when you are walking all of the body weight is managed by the soul of your foot you know start becoming aware of this thing and as you become aware you come more into your pace instead of matching somebody else’s pace or walking while you are talking right you be in silence when you do walking meditation

okey your eyes generally you know eyes are always running towards the sense objects so you can keep your eyes down okey when you are walking hence this is a very advanced practice and for beginners it’s should only be done in closed faces suppose you are going on the road and you are

walking with your eyes down you won’t be able to see of some car or vehicle is coming right it might lead to some sort of injury or accident right so always practice this in a closed safe space in the beginning eventually as you become advanced level practitioners even looking

forward or being aware of your surrounding will not distract you from your object which is the walk itself okey but it is a very advance stage of this practice so what in walking meditation you just let your body posture be okey you don’t restrict your body posture don’t keep your hands a

certain way you just allow your body to be you don’t talk with anyone you find your own pace and you walk at your own pace okey for a lot of people this form of meditation become quite overwhelming even though they walk only for 5 or 10 minutes it overwhelmes them right so in case of such emotional overwhelming right you can go ahead and sit down or lay down

in savasana and relax your body okey sometimes people start getting busy or feel as have they will fall okey in that case also it’s very important to go and sit somewhere and come to your natural breathing and come to their normal state of the body after you do walking meditation you can go

ahead and take savasana right and then when you sit for some form of meditation like connecting with your breathing you’ll see you are able to do it much more easily because you become aware of an action that you were doing unconsciously throughout your day okey so this practice

initially is done separately given separate time but eventually all the time that you are walking you incorporate these things into your general day to day walk right and you see the difference okey and the way in which you are conducting yourself and how you conducting yourself earlier you

know don’t walk absentmindedly you know you would have seen a lot of people they get hit by something a pillar or may be they walk into a glass door right this is happening because of absent mindedness right so this is a very famous practice of mindfulness right and it has it’s origins and

Buddhism even though it is not restricted to me that so it’s very important to understand that this is even though you find the roots in buddhism this is not a buddhist practice all of us walk you know all of us can change the quality of our walking so when you walk in the correct way you see a

difference in your own life right so guys let’s end today’s session go and take out some time today to do mindfulness walkin and experience the change alright so for now sir comfortably wherever you are keep your back and neck straight very gently close your eyes will chant Om one time followed by three Shanti’s inhale deeply for Om

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti’hi join both your palms together and rub the palms together place the palms on your eyes very slowly while blinking and looking at your palms begin to open up your eyes start coming back with the smile and namaste to everyone thank you so much.

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