Achieve goals with the help of Yogic Practice

By Himanshu JoshiYogayoga lifestyle, yogic practice, yogic sleep

Taking time to unwind

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One must push oneself to achieve higher goals in life. This requires a lot of effort, perseverance and hard work. Many a time, you tend to forget when to take pause. As a result, monotony sets in, energy level plummets, disinterest develops and stress grows.

The cycle continues day in and day out. In order to come out of this situation, one must take pause, break the vicious chain and re-energize oneself. If you have returned home from work and still thinking about work, you may not be able to take proper rest and may feel the mind agitated next morning. If this chain continues, you may be harming yourself in the long run. Addressing this is very important and here comes the role of unwinding. After the day’s work is over you must indulge in relaxing activities, and meditation is one of the proven ways to get truly rejuvenated and achieve whatever you are working for in your life. Resting the modifications of the mind is necessary to see things clearly, and make better decisions.

Deep breathing exercises throughout the day


We all have experienced a time when we caught ourselves not breathing properly or very shallowly. If you have not, pay attention to your breathing when you are feeling stressed or working too intensely. Your whole body gets put under a pressure in such moment. There are many moments in the day when you feel extremely overwhelmed with work and responsibilities and your brain tends to give up and stop working. Our multiple responsibilities at work make it almost impossible for us to do things in a relaxed way and this results in lowered productivity or quality of work. Yoga can come to your rescue here as even a 5-minute deep breathing sessions can calm you down, clear out your mind and help you take the right decisions. One should do these simple deep breathing sessions at least 3-4 times in a day in order to work optimally.

Morning pranayama routine


Morning is the perfect time to set intention for the day and work on your goals. To bring your mind in the right state of mind, it is important to bring it in the right rhythm. Pranayama and breathing exercises can reduce your heart rate and blood pressure, help you focus and approach things from a new perspective. Following a pranayama routine can also help you achieve maximum productivity with minimum stress.

Set fixed time for meditation

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Experts consider morning as the best time for meditation as mind is fresh during this time. Meditation in the morning helps set the tone of the day. During this time, a 10-minue meditation could prepare you to perform even the most challenging task without much effort. Setting a fixed time and prior planning always helps one work more effectively. As mind is relatively peaceful in the morning and thoughts are generally settled, a slot for meditation during this early part of the day could do wonders.

Be mindful during the day

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The body and mind function based on the inputs they get in the form of food, thoughts, the people you meet, the surroundings you live and the routine you follow apart from many other factors. Emotions that arise in the mind also tell a lot about our personality. You can self-discover by being mindful of your actions and responses during the day. So, watch out your activities and see what impression they leave. By doing so you are most likely to take good decisions in your life.

Bedtime meditation


Just like giving a peaceful start to the day, it is important to unwind your day effectively in order to wake up with fresh energy the next day. To achieve, this one must keep aside all the electronic gadgets at least two hours before bed time. Taking a shower, reading a book and writing in your journal are other activities that can bring your body in the perfect state to relax and fall asleep. Before hitting the bed, one can sit down briefly for a short meditation session that involves observing the breath and releasing the accumulated stress of the day. A good night’s sleep can do wonders for your health and keep many diseases away.

Integrate meditation and breathing exercises in your daily life to achieve higher goals. Yoga teaching is not only for spiritual seekers, but for everybody even in this fast-paced modern world to achieve goals.