What is yoga ?

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Yoga- union (Samadhi), Chitta- consciousness, Vritti- patterns, Nirodhah- stop or cease.

Sutra meaning- Yoga is to stop patterns of the consciouness.

Always remember that chitta (consciousness) is pure, it is produced by prana or we can also say it is part of prana (Life-force), when life-force (prana) reaches the mind, it generates energy there which is consciousness.

Unrest in the limbs, organs, and attachment with materialistic pleasures as well as impurity in the body and the mind create patterns ‘fluctuations’ in the prana (consciousness).

Mental detachment from materialistic pleasures, practicing yoga sciences, bringing whole awareness inward, practicing concentration techniques, by following these practices when all fluctuations in the prana (breath) are cease therefore yoga take place (Union) with one true self .

Described by- Himanshu joshi
Date- 7/11/17

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