Best Meditation Teacher In Thailand

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Best Meditation Teacher In Thailand- Himalayan Yoga Association Thailand


All yoga teachers at Himalayan Yoga Association are certified accomplished yoga teachers, holding Yoga TTC & Master Degrees in Yoga Sciences Recognized by the Government of India & Yoga alliance USA. All gurus have been teaching yoga for many years in many of our yoga schools and & around the world, their experiences as well as accomplishments on the path of yoga help them to understand their students and guiding them towards right direction.

Yogini Saumya started her spiritual journey at the age of 20. Despite having been introduced to various meditation practices before, it was in college that she got initiated in the practice of Vipassana meditation. Being in Vipassana meditation for more than 4 years lead her to the realization that she always wanted to become a medium to pass down Yoga and specifically the art of meditation. She strongly believes that mediation has the strength to beautifully transform a person into who they are meant to be

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