Prakriti and Saptprakriti By Yogini Durgesh Ji

By YogaPrakriti and Saptprakriti By Yogini Durgesh Ji, spiritual

Om Shanti welcome to the HYA Namaskaram before starting our session let’s start with the prayer coming into the sitting posture keep your back, neck straight aligned relax and close your eyes go into your posture your asana take a deep for long slow inhalation deep for long slow exhalation now inhale for the three time

Shanti Shanti Shanti’hi

Feel the vibration and sensation join your both palm rub your palm place on your eyes very slowly while blinking looking at your palm gently open up your eyes with a great smile and say Om Shanti Om Shanti so today topic is prakriti Prakriti and Saptprakriti today we gonna discuss about it so Prakriti there is a no literal meaning associated with

The Prakriti so i’ll try to Define the meaning of the Prakriti okey so Prakriti basically means it means quality nature, attributes, characteristic Prakriti which you know make you your the body structure your frame, your figure your features everything is decided right at the time when you are in the room of your parents your mother your eye color,

your hair texture, your skin color everything is decided so that Prakriti which make you how you gonna behave what kind of temperament nature you gonna possess that also decided by the prakriti so actually what what you are how you behave and how you gonna look like how’s your personality persona everything is decided by the prakriti so

Maharishi Charak he explained very much in detail in Charak Samhita about the Prakriti so he explained there is a two types of Prakriti two types of Prakriti first permanent and second in temporary which we call permanent is mool prakriti okey mool prakriti which not gonna change till your death okey and temporary prakriti

which mean asthayi prakriti which can be changeable so you formed, your body is formed with the two two these prakriti two types of prakriti if we divide mool prakriti and asthayi prakriti which we called permanent and temporary now mool prakriti factors which basically coming from your parents so you are half of your mother and

half of the chromozome is coming from your father right then you becoming then so mool prakriti is basically your parents your ancestor so your parents and ancestor make you that is a like what kind of body structure color, eyes would be you know you gonna have that decided by these then another climate factor which place you belong your

ancestor belong like japanese you know when you go in japan they look their structure, body structure frame is different right then if you go to the africa their color their height their width everything is different in your again i look like india right indian girl right why because i have different structure, color my frame, body frame, height that’s make

me indian so climate factor is also important so these are the important factor which make the mool prakriti which is if making the affecting the mool prakriti of your personality so mool prakriti these three major factor is countable then another factor is your past life your sanskar which we call as a you want to believe it or not that is doesn’t

matter even you can skip that part also but your past is like a if i want to simplify your past making present today what you are because of your past action so past life also make affecting your mool prakriti so yes ayurveda also believe in the rebirth reincarnation okey so these things punarjanam these things we believe it ayurveda and

yoga philosophy strictly believing is this but even if you want to does not want to believe it that’s completely okey but atleast these three most important factor is important then the climate which we providing to the baby when after baby is consumed The Garbh sanskar Garbh sanskar is like at the time when mother is

consuming the baby conceiving the baby one mother is conceiving, what kind of you know star position so climate as i told you so astrology play very important role what kind of star position that also gonna affect in your mool prakriti then what kind of environment movement like a mother has to kept like before giving the birth to the

baby an this whole 9 month how what kind of pressure or you know situation chase facing she is under depression or she is happy that’s why doctor you know even modern doctor tell the parents that you have to keep the mother happy you know, keep the surrounding relax, calm so baby would not be affected so your mental body would be

affected by those things even so Garbh Sanskar is very much important particular kind of timing, position and the intention of the conceiving is also affecting you your parents, what is a intention of your parents when they are conceiving the baby that’s also play very important role what kind of baby they gonna have so that’s these are the

important factor of the mool prakriti now come to the temporary prakriti temporary prakriti is asthayi prakriti which is changeable which keep changing why because you have different lifestyle different diet different you know climate you are living like earlier you born in china but you are travelling you stay in India or in europian

countries so skin would be change no your skin or coastal area you gonna live then you you know you feel humidity why you’re feeling the humidit because climate factor is affecting your skin type and then what kind of food you are giving to your body then also it gonna change you then people who are travelling lot their body keep their

prakriti asthayi prakriti keep changing so you have different kind of you know qualities, attributes like whenever you change your climate you change your diet you change your lifestyle like a kapha people have the tendency to become lazy, lethargic and develop the obesity but if they are working hard and maintaining their lifestyle and eating in

moderately they can be fit they can have the perfect body they can also have the muscles and the abs but yes they have to put more effort then the Pita personality and The Vata personality which we gonna discuss later on I’m just giving you this you know example in order to make you understand so even like right now i’m living here but

when i was in bali my skin type is changed is there’s so much humid so i have the oily skin but in winter my skin type is changed it become dry in winter you feel more dry then the summer because there is no sweating glands and not you know providing the oil to the skin so ckimate is changing so your body is also changing remember i talked

about it that how the Vata, Pita and kapha is prevalent in the environment winter is kapha Summer is Pita then Vata is the Autumn and then these also present in Day and Night so that during the Day and Night your skin, your body type also gonna be changed in morning you feel different till the in the noon in morning you feel cold yes

you feel cold everybody feel cold but Vata people came and kapha gonna feel more cold Pita also gonna feel cold but they gonna enjoy the cold during the noon time everybody gonna feel the heat Vata, Pita and Kapha everybody gonna feel the heat so it it means the environment is changing your feeling changing your body it changeable so climate

you gonna change the diet what kind of spices like if you eating the heat spices if we heat like chilli if you taking it the sweating the sweat you feel spicy your eyes start watering because the heat in the chilli is affecting you but that heat gonna affect more the Pita personality Kapha and Vata still can bear it but Pita if they eat more heat

already their body type is related to the heat then if they are having the heat spices it gonna agguvate their Pita so permanent and temporary Asthayi Prakriti can be change and you can bring in the balance in the asthayi prakriti by having the proper diet by having maintaining your good lifestyle and by you know living in the perfect climate so

these factors you have to understand before providing the treatment to anybody and providing to the help to yourself even these things you have to consider the next charvaka Maharishi Charak explain about the Saptprakriti Saptprakriti is 7 types of the

personality so this we gonna talked about in the next session so we gonna end the session here keep your back, neck straight aligned, relaxed gently close your eyes go into your asana go into your posture and take a deep for long inhalation exhale inhale exhale inhale for the Om



Shanti Shanti Shanti’hi

Feel the vibration and sensation join your both palm rub your palm place on your eyes very slowly while blinking looking at your palm gently open up your eyes with a great smile and say Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti, bless you guys bye bye take care meet you in coming session.

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