Why is it so difficult to accept the truth (Reality) about self ?

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The foremost reason is ego, there are two people in all of us, one is ‘ego’ & another is ‘illuminating consciousness’ .

Ego is made up of past memories & past achievements that unable us to live in present & creates unreal imaginative future.

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Another is illuminating consciousness which is ‘true nature’ of all human beings and it rests above the body & the mind comforts.

Ego is one of the mind’s condition that never allows person to look beyond it therefore his materialistic personal achievements and achieving more & more becomes reality.

Conclusion- by meditating & mentally surrendering the body & the mind on the lotus feet’s of the inner consciousness that itself is god, person can experience this blissful state of pure consciousness which is alone (reality) of the world.

Written by- Himanshu joshi
Date- 12/11/17
By- www.himalayanyogaashram.com

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