Om meditation, Mantra meditation or Sound Meditation

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Aim of Om meditation  Aim of om meditation is to attain the meditative state which is pure consciousness, awareness, alertness, blissfulness.

In this state of mind practitioner becomes completely aware about the reality of the self, reality of things inside & outside him.

About OM– Om is sound of the universe, universal sound, it is in everything, it is in us & outside us, it is Ananta (Endless) Immortal, it is formless, it is sound of all chakras in human body, as it is already in each of us so by chanting om, we discover this universal om sound in us that is thoughtless, that is pure consciousness.

Method of practicing Om Meditation- Om chanting can be done in two ways , first one- with close mouth, make om sound with close mouth as you exhale.
during inhale just be aware of your breath and feel it. The way it is entering in the body.

Second method-  Chant om with open mouth, chant when you exhale with open mouth & breath with close mouth when you inhale so during inhale just watch your breath, how it is going through nostrils in your Sahasrara Chakra (Crown chakra) and awaking consciousness there.

After 30 minutes sincere Om meditation practice one can clearly feel raise of consciousness in the self.

If the practice of om meditation is done sincerely for 2 to 3 months, practitioner can realize the awaking of pure consciousness in the self.

 Things to know before starting the practice of OM meditation-

– Take shower or wash your face and feet’s, it will bring sense of freshness in you.
– Wear loose comfortable clothes.
– Keep one blanket to cover yourself during the practice if weather is very hot you don’t require then.
– Keep door or window open while practice.
– Lie down on mat for some time after the practice of om meditation and don’t use anything inside or upside the body, body should be completely flat on floor.

OM shanti, shanti, shanti hi.

Writing based on practical practice of Om Meditation ( Guided by Himanshu ji).
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