5 Types of Yoga

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The first type of yoga is karma yoga which can be described as an action we perform consciously or unconsciously and the overall result of that action. This can be broken down into two categories that are intended either selfish or selfless, and timeline. Karma yoga based on a timeline consists of actions from your past and present life and how those actions impact you. The second type of yoga is Bhakti yoga, which is one of the 4 main yogic paths to enlightenment. For example, uniting the Bhakta with the divine and includes 9 limbs of devotion in order to do so. The third type is jnana yoga which includes a difficult process requiring thinking, reflecting, meditating, questioning the self, and awareness to allow the practitioner to open their eyes to all ideas and perceptions of reality. It is a self for self-realization and can be one of the more difficult types of yoga. The fourth is raja yoga which is aimed at controlling Chitta vrittis through mental modification and purifying the mind. It aims at the harmonious development of body mind and soul and is considered the king of all yogas. The last type is hatha yoga which is the union of Prana and mental forces to obtain high consciousness.

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