What is Yoga & it’s Importance

By Yogayoga, yogacourse, yogaimportance

Yoga is the physical, mental, and spiritual practice in which one can attain a state of permanent peace. Yoga is also described as the stilling of the changing states of the mind or union with the divine. There are multiple practices and branches of yoga.

Why yoga? 

While yoga benefits both mental and physical health, the main goal is about harmonizing oneself with the universe and allowing those who practice working towards aligning individual geometry with the cosmic. Ultimately to achieve the highest level of perception and harmony. Yoga allows people to focus on their inner wellbeing and work towards acceptance of themselves and the world around them and continue to work towards enlightenment and maintain an unwavering calm state of mind. Yoga also helps us find who we truly are in order to obtain self-realization and work towards ending our suffering and finding eternal happiness. Yoga helps you become in control of your mind therefore you can use it when you want and put it aside when you don’t.

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