Poisoned and chemically treated foods

By Yogahealth, Poisoned and chemically treated foods

Poisoned & Chemically Treated Foods 

“Manufactures are more concerned with the shell life of food than its ability to nourish human life. All chemical additives destroy life, including the life of the consumer.”

Since quantity in food production, but not its quality, is the main concern of authorities and food growers, all efforts are made to use chemical manures, pesticides, irrespective and unmindful of the fact what and how much good it can do to the consumers. What we eat is nothing but poison in the form of foods that we eat.

What else could be expected  when the emphasis is not on quality and nutrition, but on quantity and nutrition, but on quantity alone. It is a matter of shame and concern that a few individuals play havoc with the life of their fellow beings just to earn a fast buck and make money.

The poisonous foods we give to our families have the inherent quality of wasting away our energies. It is sad that the cold-storage syndrome continues to avaricious the growers and traders. Most of our digestive, respiratory and skin disorders owe their origin to such poisonous foods. We have no choice to but to buckle under the weight of our own demands and supply equation. When community health is not in good shape, how can national health be improved?

Dairy products are still less poisoned and polluted than the vegetables, fruits and cereals, though the life-stock is also fed on such poisonous foods. Rising number of chemical manures and pesticide units is living example of antipathic approach of authorities to health concern and problems of its citizens. When poisonous food intake causes certain disorders, diseases multiply and when diseases rise, number of doctors and medicines and drug units also rises.

The paramount need of the hour is to reverse this sad, unfortunate and killer trend, much to relief and benefit of common man. Poisonous foods account for at least 75% of our digestive problems. Now certain agencies have awakened to the hazards caused by such foods and efforts are afoot to seek a viable and acceptable solution. Till some break through is made everyone has to sit with crossed fingers.

Malnutrition and Starvation

Malnutrition does not mean starvation and vice versa. In the first case a person feeds himself but his diet lacks in essential nutrients whereas in the later condition a person is not in a position feed himself even with a morsel. Both situations emanate from poverty, resource crunch and social disparities, Prolonged illness and the diet, given during that period, may be lacking in natural nutritional values and inmates of third-world are the worst sufferers.

Lack of production, social conditions, natures calamities, man made or natural scarcities, also lead to malnutrition, apart from lack of proper knowledge about concept of a balanced diet. Poor and the under privileged generally get subjected to all scarcities and lassitude’s. Lack of knowledge and requisite education also prevent a person to substitute chap and easily available foods with the rare and costlier foods.

It hardly matters how much, how many times and in what quantity one eats, what actually matters is whether consumed foods serve to meet demands of one’s body, in relation to the expanded energy. If one has to work more but his diet is inadequate, or if reverse is the case, in both the divergent situations, the consequential fall is too grave to imagine.

In a country where it is impossible to make both ends meet suitably, talk on balanced diet is virtually useless. If meet suitably, talk on balanced process with a community or county, majority or subjects will be forced to have malnutritioned diet and total  absence of that even would should make all requisite arrangements to reverse the trend in this sub-human and pitable situation.