Ardha badha padmottanasan (Half Bound Lotus Standing Forward Bend)

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Ardha badha padmottanasan (Half Bound Lotus Standing Forward Bend)


Namaste and welcome back again to Ashtanga and vinyasa classes so today we are going to learn Ardha badha padmottanasan so in this posture basically we need a good flexibility in your hip joint.

It will also increase flexibility in your hip joint it will increase the glutes and strengthen the glutes and just it also helps in increasing the mobility in your ankle so letโ€™s began this posture so first off all you have to again come in front of a mat I always do this posture while coming in front of a mat but I have to show you

so I will be doing here only so just both feet together and band your leg at the knee you have to band your right leg knee towards your chest first press it this is like we are modifying this posture so if some beginners is doing so it cannot go into the posture directly so this is like we are breaking the posture

so if students who is in beginners level he or she also can do it so first try to press your knee towards your chest and then you have to grab your feet and you have to place your feet, your right feet in between your femur antebar so femur bone is present in our thigh this is our femur bone so have to keep your leg in starting of your femur bone feet

ok you have to push your knee donโ€™t push your knee much if you are feeling pressure on your knee then donโ€™t just go more deep into the posture or donโ€™t just rotate your leg more just keep in position only if youย  will feel you can have pain in your knee and donโ€™t want to increase the pain ok so work accordingly then lift your right arm up and with exhale grab your right toe if you can.

You can grab of right toe and inhale Lift your left arm up while escalation slowly band forward down be careful donโ€™t down maintain your balance and go fully forward down hold 1 keep containing with your breath 2,3,4 and 5 inhale all the way come up slowly and exhale release your leg and release your hand shake your legs if like someone who have a Arthritis problem or they have any knee surgery should avoid this posture

because it will give pressure on your knee so you have to avoid it now we will do the same posture with our another leg left leg, so now you have to band left leg at the knee band your left leg and try to grab your left feet again with your left hand Inhale raise your right arm up and exhale band down lie if you cannot grab your feet with your hand you can use the belt for grabbing your feet and hold their 5 counts 1,2,3,4 and 5

inhale slowly while bandingย  in your knee come up exhale release your leg release your hand and shake your legs so this is not a easy posture it is a very hard posture you can try doing lotus posture before doing this posture try to do in the lotus posture I will show you, you can try this padmaasan everybody know it practice padmaasan make you padmaasan short as much as you can so you can try this posture also for practicing Ardha badha padmottanasan so this is all for today Namaste Everyone.