Chromotherapy (Use of Colours of Sun as a Therapy)

By Yogatherapy, yoga

Sun occupies a very high and reverential place in our life, as its appearance indicates the advent of light-sun which is indispensable for growth of all vegetation and weather changes. There would have been no life and activity on earth without the sun. Even the moon derives its light from the sun. Though the sun looks white, actually its light consists of seven colours viz, indigo, blue, violet, red, orange, yellow, white and green.

Violet, blue, and indigo have a cooling effect on our body and also the antiseptic effect, whereas the rest of colours except green, which is neutral, generate heat. It was Dr. Edwin Babbitt of the U.S.A. who by experimenting on all types of patients, proved that chromotherapy was, in fact, exceedingly effective in curing even the dreaded diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart and other circulatory diseases.


infographic using sun colors for therapy chromotherapy


Following description will give an idea about the utility and usage of chromotherapy in treating various diseases noted against each.


  • Indigo : Asthma, disorders due to nervous problems, T.B. lack of digestive power, facial paralysis, diseases of lungs, problems of eyes and nose, madness, convulsions etc.
  • Blue : Typhoid, measles, small-pox, general fever, cholera, throat problems, whooping, cough and various other respiratory disorders encephalitis, nerve disorders, mental depression, insomnia, seminal discharge, bleeding from nose, burns. Dr. Babit regards blue colour as the best possible antiseptic colour.
  • Violet : Cataract, blindness, bone-marrow and bone diseases, tumours and baldness etc.
  • Red : Arthritis, T.B., anaemia, paralysis, white spots, cold, sluggishness, etc.
  • Orange : Bronchitis, asthma, epilepsy, gout, nephritis, mental nervosity, swelling in trachea, etc.
  • Yellow : Leprosy, diabetes, liver disorders, all disorders of digestive system and spleen.
  • Green : Low and high blood pressure, heart ailments, pain in eyes, cancer, syphilis, skin problems, etc.


How to tame Advantage from the Sun-Rays : We can derive the desired advantages form rays of the sun in following ways:

  • Sun-Bath : We have already described in detail under ‘Naturopathy’ with regard to this method, which may please be referred to.
  • Sun-Rays : Take a piece of glass of the requisite colour and place it in such a way that the rays fall, through the glass on the part which is desired to be treated. Most preferred time is ninety (90) minutes from the sunrise and sixty (60) minutes before sunset. It should be ensured that the body is not exposed to direct wind and it is very essential in the cold season. If, however, use of glass or glass-sheet of the desired 60-100 watts be taken or a plain bulb may be used instead. Fold a gelatine paper (of the desired colour) into 4 folds and then wrap the same around the bulb (plain bulb). Such a bulb, whether coloured or a plain bulb wrapped with gelatine paper, should be exposed to rays of sun for 5-10 minutes and must be kept at least 1 ½ to 1 ¾ feet away from the part to be treated. It should be practised twice a day. Parameters of distance and duration are equally applicable to the aforementioned caption direct sun-rays also.

While using therapy it must be ensured that excessive use and undue exposure should always be avoided. This therapy can be used independently or in conjunction with Acupressure therapy also. In Hindus scriptures, the sun enjoys the status of deity. Even the Persians worship the sun. It is also a determining factor in astrology, as it helps in molding a person’s affinity or otherwise with zodiac signs.