By Yogayoga

Asanas have multiple benefits, as detailed here under :

  • With certain safeguards and cautious, all men and women and children can perform asanas, depending upon an individual’s age, health status or particular diseases from which a person suffering.
  • They are easy, cost -effective, preventive, corrective and curative of almost all the disorders, mental or physical or both, and no extra material is required to perform them.
  • They help in muscle and tissue build up and repair thereof, apart from calming down agitated nerves, dispelling fatigue, making up for the lost energy. They help to keep body and mind in good humour.
  • They energise the endocrine glands so that the body receives requisite secretions which are vital and necessary for proper functioning of the body.
  • Digestive system is rejuvenated, appetite improves, digestion related diseases are cured.
  • It is the best method to keep and sustain flexibility of the spine and remove curvature, if any. In addition, it also rectifies posture-related diseases like back pain, shoulder pain, cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis, joint pains, stiffness of joints, etc.
  • Asanas help to reduce weight by naturally shedding extra flesh from the body.
  • They sharpen intellect, enhance memory and, agility provide suppleness, strength to mind enabling it to concentrate/meditate. All the mental faculties and functions get renewed energy, vigour. Higher values of mind are also aroused.
  • They tone up the body, from top to bottom, regulate respiration, control cardiac, pulmonary, urinary and digestive systems in such a perfect way that badly any room is left for malfunctioning. They also purify and regulate circulation of blood, by fortifying lungs and heart.
  • Each and every sinew of the body is recharged and activated. Nervous system is toned up and diseases like hypertension, cardiac complications, mental tensions, stress anger, agitational approach to life are dispelled. In a way, where other therapies miserably fail and raise their hands up in digest and despair, yoga solves them in the shortest time and above all, the sufferer feels relieved without any trace of side-effects.
  • Those who practise the asanas regularly, improve their eye sight and in certain cases one may give up the use spects even or else his number may, at least, fall.
  • Skin becomes soft, glossary, tender and strong enough to withstand thermic changes. Sudden weather changes have no or very little impact in the practice of Asanas.
  • Facial wrinkles vanish, complexion improves, signs of old age disappear and one feels to have gained a renewed vigour, vitiality and glow. Rigid joints attain flexibility and mobility, especially flexibility of spine, which is necessary to retain and sustain youth. An old man even attains innocence and agility of a child.
  • Asanas provide immunity against diseases, arouse prophylaxis.
  • (15) Other systems merely aim to toning up the body whereas yoga asanas provide multifold benefits due to the fact the there are specific asanas for each and every disorder, whether physical or mental.


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